Kerrville Ramblings

Chris Bauman


Just back from five days of bliss... :)
I got in to Texas Tues night, flew home last night.

So much was great, where to begin?

Thursday night (i think) was the Vermont concert at Threadgills. Lisa McCormick, Rachel Bissex (go Rachel!), Lousie Taylor, Steve Gillette. Great show that was.

Susan Werner and Ray Wylie Hubbard on main-stage Sat night... fantastic.

The campfires were slow but exciting. My flight into San Antonio got in 3 hours late, about 2 in the morning, and when I got into the car with Gregg and Mary Martha I said "All I want is to get my butt to Kerrville, open a beer, hear a Steve Fisher song, and then I'll be grounded and ready to go."

And it happened just like that! Steve played as the sun started coming up on the Crows Nest, I opened my first beer, and felt like I was home.

Camp Stupid had a drum set this year! Big fun...

Thursday night late the freaks came out, big gypsy parade down the main road, most of the men seemed to be wearing dresses... The peak seemed to be the impromteau mando/fiddle jam that somehow ended up in the ladie's shower at 3am. Will wonders never cease?

Any Phillies fans out there? Chuck Brodsky has a great new song about the late Richie Ashburn.

Mike McNevin has a fantatic new song written with Buddy Mondlock... didn't get the title, but he blew us away during his main-stage set Fri night.

Before I forget: Big big big thanks to Camp Coho/Villa Vino for once again hosting and feeding us Yankees... what a bunch of sweethearts. Even more important, saving us tent space in the shade. I slept 'til noon every day. Can't do that at Falcon Ridge! We had some great writers come by the Coho circle... a whole bunch whose names I never got. Great visits from Chuck Pyle, Bill Staines, Kate Jacobs, Annie Gallup... And o'course Jack Hardy (now known as Father Flannagan) held court over it all. Someone please put Jack on a stamp, will ya?

PBS/Houston paid us a visit Sat afternoon, and filmed us drinking our blue margaritas while Jack sang DEATH IN TEXAS, the official national anthem of Camp Coho/Villa Vino.

My discoveries of the week:
Ray Wylie Hubbard and Lousie Taylor.
First time I ever heard Ray play, and boy o boy was he really really good...
I've heard a few of Louise's songs, and since we've got some mutual friends I hear a lot about her, but this was the first time I ever got to really see her play live. Folks, she's out of this world. Stunning performer, great writer. She has a new tune about being a runaway that is just simply crushing.

I played more songs than I remember ever writing, ate more food than I know I paid for, and had more fun than a man has a right to...

Any more reports?

- -Chris

Christian Bauman
"Did I mention the blue margaritas?" -Jack Hardy