Kerrville Ramblings - Day 4


>More, please.....

As per your request...

Well, i lied... i said day 3 was going to be tops... tonight seemed just as good... whew...

first a couple of things


small potatoes is one of the 6 winners of the new folk contest.. Sitting with jackie & rich(?Mr potato), steve gillete and a few others, rich reminded jackie (& everyone) that i had suggested they submit the wallflower waltz to kerrvile new folk. (insert picture of swelling head here..).. Jackie remembered that her reaction to my statement "You have to send that song to rod kennedy" was: Who's rod kennedy??"... anyway, they're on for a half hour next sunday, and they win some money.. so they'll be staying the entire week.. they send their love to all.. except for the guy who passed out at pete's...

Saturday, i received the following message from a nurse who lives in dallas. She's moving to fort lauderdale in the middle or end of december:

>>>>>> Brian,

I had almost talked myself out of getting the car packed up and hitting the road to Kerrville this year when I read your Day 1 recap. I had to work late last night and was kinda bummed about solo camping (see, the mind slips in a passing year). Then I read your journal. Truck's packed and I'm out the door now. Thank you. See you soon, I hope.

Margie <<<<<<<<<

She got there today, and gave me a big hug and thanks... see, that's what i mean about it being tough to generate your own energy sometimes..

She's an RN, and will be looking to rent a townhouse.. so if any of you have realtor friends who do townhouses (i have one, but the more the merrier), send me their email addresses & i'll put them in touch with Margie. She's also coming to the xmas party, and should be a welcome additional folkie..

OK, on to tonight..

Mainstage started out with Dayna Kurtz... Very talented, nice soulful voice.. The only thing that troubled me, was all her songs seemed to be in the same morose beat.. like a leonard cohen in drag.. very good, but when the sun's beating down, i'm looking for a little more energy in the music.. I liked her better last night at camp singkerrnicity.

7pm brought on Bob Franke.. A great songwriter with a large number of songs covered by other artists, he teaches at the songwriting school here at kerrvile and a number of other places. I've seen him quite a few times, and the only disappointment tonight was he didn't do krystallnacht. But he did finish up with with "hallelueah, the great storm is over", and the energy started to pickup..

8pm was alan damron.. They love him here, i don't know why, but they do.. They kept him on for an hour... I'd call it a wasted hour, but it did give me a chance to go buy a mexican blanket, lay it out on the far back lawn, and catch an hours' sleep. He seems to turn over a new leaf every year, but when you look, it's still the same old alan under the new leaf... nuff said.. I needed the sleep..

9 was carol elliot.. For those of you who haven't heard the women of kerrville compilation, go get it.. she does the solitary hero cut.. really haunting.. While i usually don't respond well to artists with a pronounced southern twang, she was very good, and i highly recommend her.. She had on buddy mondlock for a couple of her songs..

After carol elliot was the best performance at the festival this year.. and also the most frustrating... he doesn't have a recording for sale!!! John Ims (pronounced ems).. Between laughing so hard the tears were running down my cheeks to cheering for the best sendup of stairway to heaven i've EVER heard.. He was simply great.. a super surprise, it's rare that you come across someone new to you who immediately pops into the most favorite pile. I'm really pissed that i can't take him home... Alan rowath may have some bootleg stuff... i'm working on it.. I knew i should have bought that portable dat...

Ims was followed by the edlos... an acapela group that can best be descried as "strange" with the accent on each of the letters.. their act begins with them all in monks outfits, those come off revealing habits, which then reveal... etc etc etc... nice, funny, but they were there last year, so it's a been there, done that... grab another 30 minutes sleep..

the evening finished up with gary p nunn. they keep refering to him as one of the foremost presenters of pure texas music.. He was super.. to give you a frame of reference, he struck me as the cowboy version of jimmy buffet (& i love buffet) the song after i made this realization turned out to be a straight takeoff on one of buffet's songs... anyway, they brought the house down, and it was followed by bobby bridger with heal in the wisdom and a closing song of the circle be unbroken..

the concert didn't finish until about 1:30, and tomorrow is another long day.. so i skipped the campfires, and gave you this report for your breakfast reading... keep those notes and letters coming back... i really appreciate them.. Also, please ask questions... on or off the list... if you ask them off, i'll answer publicly and keep you anonymous... (that's for you quiet and shy wallflowers [Linda W.] )

Steve gillete sends his regards..

i finally got to sit in on his 5pm song circle for a little while...very nice, seems like a teaching workshop type of thing, but not sure yet... Ann Feeney did a stirring rendition of one of her new songs.. Didn't know the title, but it could be "jailed for justice".. She's a wonderful pro-activist type.. lots of union civil rights messages... Steve's session is shoehorned in between when the ballad tree finishes (5pm), and when you have to get your seat for the mainstage concert (5pm), and the concert itself (6pm).. I try to leaVE THE BALLAD TREE NO LATER THAN 4:50 SO I CAN DROP MY CHAIR IN A SHADY GOOD SPOT.. I hate it when i hit caps lock accidentaly... it's 2:35 am.. if you think i'm re-typing, you're crazier than john Ims...

John ims, who said Just beacuse i look like a wild and crazy hippie from the 60's doesn't mean i am one.. I just play one on TV.. (i think he is one in real life too)

No jackson browne tonight... rumor now is midweek... don't know.. will try and find out more tomorrow..

Oh... the festival is very anti-drug... the reason is drugs on site could cause a problem for the festival... good reasoning.. bad law..

I think i'll get some sleep... I expect to have to answer a bunch of questions tomorrow...

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