Kerrville Ramblings - Day 5


Dear mom,

camp is nice

my friends are nice

we played ball today


p.s. my counselor made me write this



back to our regularly scheduled programming..

(now you know what my parents had to put up with when i was growing up..)

Well, the 9 week drought in kerrville ended tonight just as rachael polisher was finishing up her set, and bill oliver was starting his..

heavy rain was accompanied by marble sized hail... and LOTS of it!!.. I convinced the guy standing next to me holding 2 boat cushions that if he let me hold 1 of the cushions, he could hold the other one over his head with two hands, thereby protecting his head... works for me!!

Anyway, i arrived on site at about 2:30 this afternoon, and went straight up to the ballad tree, skipping the blues project which began at noon.. so i didn't get to see stefan george, frank christian, or dave van ronk (fooey on missing van ronk), but you can only do so much.. the nicest thing i noticed as i got out of the car was... clouds!! yes!! at least 10 degrees cooler.. Since i was early at the ballad tree, i pulled out my computer, and tried to catch up on the work i'm supposed to be getting done while i'm here.. everyone has questions!! what kind, memory, hard drive... why am i doing this ?? well, not gonna get any work done now... Del suggs from tallahassee ran the ballad tree today, he just arrived from the florida folk festival, and was opening the mainstage at 6. Best song of the day was "singer-songwriter heaven by frank CRS. He doesn't have it recorded yet, but will be in the studio beginning july.

Mainstage, Del was very enjoyable, as was rachael polisher who followed him..rachael won new folk a few years ago and has a very different style. Her meter is non-standard, and always unexpected. her voice is tremendous, which reminds me i didn't mention in last nights review that Carol Elliot, at certain parts of her range sounds like joan baez. Anyway, rachael's set was very good and she was followed by Bill Oliver from austin texas.. i'm sure his music was (insert .gif of lawrence welk here) vedy vedy nice, but i can hardly remember what they did... the most outstanding part of the performance was the thunder, lightning, rain and hail that began as they were setting up... I managed to get my foul weather gear (tops and bottoms) on in time, but forgot my boots at the motel (duh.. insert .gif of bullwinkle here).. so my feet got a little wet... When the hail started, one lady standing next to me thought someone had thrown a rock at her.. we decided the the little white chunks landing round us were not being thrown by any of the locals...

most of the rest of the night (with one exception) was simply blah... i'm sure, the fact that i'm "qualitied out" had something to do with it, but I was unimpressed with both erik moll, and forlini and cross to the extent that i left for the campfires 2 songs into forlini and cross. I skipped peter rowan (i know i'm sure there's someone out there who will tell me i blew it, but what the hey...)

The exception to the blahness was Jamie Anderson fron Tuscon, a fabulous performer, openly gay, with a wonderful group of songs about the human condition, both as it relates to sexuality, and not.. Her CD will be on it's way home with me.. (the CD budget is... is... is shot... only 2 more weeks to go... oh well, i haven't come in under budget here yet...

The next couple of hours were spent at camp singkerrnicity with a number of gifted performers including daryll purpose, steve taylor, annie wenz, megan CRS, karen CRS, and christine CRS (no, they're NOT related!!) mary coppin, one of the new folk finalists, and a host of others who i can't even remember the FIRST names of!!

greeting and salutations follow:

Dave Nachmanoff says i should convery HIS hailstone experience to AL.. (Like he was the only one around when the hailstones were falling... right!!).. Of course, he was on stage paying with Jamie Anderson..

Tom Rayne sends his hellos to all as does daryll purpose..

Annie wenz says to michael stock "Michael you belong here, you suck for not being here" (editor's note: at camp singkerrnicity this year, the term You Suck!! seems to have taken on a life and meaning of it's own... for a fuller understanding of this phenomenon, catch the 6:50 delta flight from FTL to dallas, continuing onto San Antonio thursday morning..)

Steve gillete also sends his regards to all

Message to Paul Garfinkel from Del, sorry he had to miss the class, but kerrville called... I thought Del's set was very good..

For those of you who have written to tell me you're definitely coming to kerrville next year, "there's no time like the present"... flights are reasonably priced (if you want to go for the last weekend, you can still get 7 day advance) Marie nofsiger will be here the last weekend.. If you catch the 6:50 from fort lauderdale on thursday 6/4, we'll be on the same flight, as i'm gonna be home for 6/1,2, and 3

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