Kerrville Ramblings - Day 6 part 1


It's a quiet day at kerrville.. Formal festival activites don't begin until 7. There's a 2 hour concert with Laurie Lewis from Berkeley, CA tonight at the threadgill theatre.

I've been working in the hotel all day...gotta get that work finished... Besides, i've got some people from my office snooping on the list, and by putting the previous sentence in, i can get them to think i'm actually doing some work ... Oh, Hi nicole, i didn't know you were listening in (shh... don't tell her ) don't call me early in the morning, i've got Weymss auctioneers from australia calling at 4am.

They haven't used the threadgill this year yet (oops i mean i haven't been there.. they've had children's concerts on the weekend.) It's a charming little 300 (or so) seats in a 150 degree arc rising around a small stage. It's covered in tin, and has been enlarged a number of times... since it's cut out of the side of a hill, the roof is not a consistent line, but bits and pieces cut and pasted to provide the most protection. at the back of the seating is a 3 foot riser wall to match the hillside, behind which you can put chairs, lounges, etc. this is where i prefer sitting for the shows.. you bring your own chair, and lounge in comfort, munching on dinner, carrots, homemade bread (i'm out) cinammon rolls RIGHT!!! YEAH!! i did't bring any, and am out till fall.. boo hoo.. Y'all can run over to susan's, she's probably crying tears right now since she's out of cinammon rolls also.. She BETTER BE OUT OF ROLLS!!! YOU HOLDING OUT ON ME OZZIE??

Anyway, tonight is the first night that campfires will hold more activity than formal stages... should be interesting, although sometimes everyone is just so burnt from the weekend.... you can never tell.. If anyone talks to Marie n., tell her kerrville awaits and Annie Wenz says hello..

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