Kerrville Ramblings - Day 6 part 2


Left for the festival about 5pm.. Had to stop at walmarts to replace my cd player, and at the supermarket for the night's eats... I've gotten into the habit of buying a cut-up tub of canteloupe, and a package of those baby carrots.. Since i don't play, i spread the food around... it's the jewish mother in me, i guess.. At 2:30 in the morning, as i'm sitting in the song circle, and it comes around to me, i just say gently "carrot break", and proceed to pass 'em out... it usually gets a good laugh... and everyone digs in..

Anyway, tonights evening concert was laurie lewis from berkeley. a great bluegrass player with 2 other gentleman and they really cooked (i'm not a fan of bluegrass as far as playing it on a recording, but i enjoy listening to uptempo quality bluegrass..). the concert finished a little after 9, and for the first time this year, we were left with a large number of campfire hours before dawn, and almost no tourists ('cept me).. During the week, i'd say 95% of the people still here are players, and good ones at that.. the active camps tonight were camp stupid (too much cigarette smoke and chatter for me), camp cuisine (seemed like they were doing fine with a country/bluegrass slant), and still on the hill had a large following late into the evening.

Lots of regulars were showing up today.. Chuck brodsky, chris williams, paul crs, and too many others for this little burned out braincell mind to remember.

I split the evening between camp coho and camp singkerrnicity. Camp coho had tom payne (not tom rayne), bob franke, kat eggleston, andrew calhoun, mary melina, and quite a few others.. Rich and jacquie from small potatoes were there, and then went to singkernicity. Everywhere they go, people want to hear the waltz of the wallflowers. It's really a joy to watch other great songwriters react to this very special song. Rich keeps saying "You DON'T want to hear THAT again, do you ???" and everyone keeps saying YES YES YES!! Andrew calhoun is at his best in this type of a setting.. As he started the first chords of his "pen" song, his wife (Kat E.) stood up and announced "I'll be back soon"... I guess you can only be embarrassed so many times before you bail... Lots of great tunes both at coho, and singk.n. On a night like this, where you're down to the players, and it's not crowded, the sense of community start to build even more... for me, as a non-camping "outsider", it's a chance to become a little more than just another face looking in.. (there's no judgement here, it's just that as a non-player, with so many people looking in, you're literally another face in the crowd...)

We may be joined on the list soon by some people who have to leave the festival, yet want to keep in contact, and don't want to leave the feeling behind...

boy, there were quite a few times tonight when i wished i had taken the time to put together the portable dat unit... Any dat experts on the list... I could be talked into purchasing the whole thing over the internet and having it fedexed in...

From Susan Moss
>On the brighter side, I am more than willing to plug in my breadmaker, crank
>out a few loaves and Fed Ex them to you in Kerrville to be used as campfire
>currency - would you like honey wheat, Italian herb, or savory rye?

Actually, i'm scheduled to come home next monday, tuesday and wednesday. I plan on doing up about a dozen loaves to bring back with me... I'm also toying with the idea of NOT coming back (since the motel is so much cheaper than last year's) if i can change my flights and staying straight through (and if they don't kill me at the office)..

The deciding factors will probably be:

1. How much of my scheduled work can i get done while i'm here.

2. When jackson browne is actually playing. The two most frequent rumors i'm hearing now are either A. This weekend , probalby sat night, or B. next wednesday night!!! AARRGGHH!!! I'm supposed to be back in Ftl... Gotta get more scoop... If he's scheduled wednesday night, and i HAVE to get back for mon & tues, i may try and change the flight from thurs to wed. decisions... decisions...

Hello's to peggy and marie N from Annie Wenz... Something about a golf cart at suwannee in the middle of the night with Peter rowan (?)

forgot this one from yesterday... Del Suggs sends his regards to dave cambest..

Al, thanks for the feedback on the cruise and festival.. I keep forgetting that everyone was at white springs..

The radio stations here really suck... I heard tommy james and the shondels last night "i think we're alone now" I haven't heard that in xxx (too many) years... EXCEPT, i hear it every year on the limited playlist of the san antonio oldies station while driving back to the hotel at night...

speaking of driving back, tonight, saw my first deer feeding by the side of the road... they're a real problem here this time of year... lots of collisions.. also saw a jackrabbit.. BOY DEY GOT BIG EARS ON DEM TEXAS JACKRABBITS... The cops here are real bad about speeding... they have 45mph signs followed 1 block later by 35mph signs, and they will nail you... good thing i brought my radar detector to keep me reminded...

Good, just finished with the client from australia... only took 5 minutes... now on to the new cd player..

Oh great, it's in an "any child can open" package.. I'll be back in an hour...

only 15 minutes.... jeez... luckily i had a sharp knife...

Weather... No more rain during the day, but tonight, as i was sitting at camp s.k.n.y. i saw lightning out in the distance.. it started to rain JUST as i got to the hotel.. 2 minutes later (after i got inside) it was POURING!!! good timing i say... Hopefully, if we get a good soaking, they'll lift the fire ban... I hope so, it does take something away when you can't have a campfire..

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