Kerrville Ramblings - Day 7


What a gorgeous night...

Tonight's evening concert at the threadgill memorial theatre opened with Annie Wenz and the singkernicity all-stars... Annie's music is very spiritual, with lots of american indian themes, tones and stuff.. (how that for musical deliniation... stuff). They were followed by the westerleys from california. country w/some bluegrass & swing influence.. both performances were well received with approx 200 in the audience for each...

It was still about 90 degrees when the show started, and had only cooled off a little by 9. But the sky was crystal clear tonight, so nothing held the heat down, and it got into the high 70's by mid morning (2am)..

One of the wonderful thing about a festival like kerrville, with it's length, it gives you a chance to get to know people outside their music, and by this time (day 7), communities have been established, relationships created, and an ambience is in place which permeates the entire environment..

Campfire observations this evening:

If the life experience, and the extent to which one lives it can be viewed as a bell curve, with the top of the bell graded by intensity, not by quantity, than Kris from Adam and Kris is at the pinnacle of the bell curve.. Did you ever meet a person who just LIVED.. not lived, but LIVED.. both growing from and giving to the environment surrounding them.. whew...

Tom Payne is a wonderful story teller and singer.. His performances around the campfire will make a cd magically appear in my stack...

Annie wears these percussion shaker things around her ankles. We've nicknamed her the "tiptoe percussionist", because once a song starts, she can't move without causing percussion to happen..

to heather:
>Brian, another thing,
>remind me to teach you how to bake bread over a campfire for next year . . .
>mmmmmm good--you'll have folkies (maybe some really attractive female >versions) around you like flies to honey. :) :) :)

they have actual real ovens (using propane) at camp SingKerrNicity.. I'm planning on baking on site next year... Of course, you can show me then... Speak with Susan, she's already committed to next year...

Dave CRS made a dynamite cold thai pasta back at the camp after the concerts, and all were invited to chow down..

To Al:
>When a piano falls on you, I think it is time for reassessment.

When a piano falls on you, be glad if you have the OPPORTUNITY to reassess..

Richard Berman, Annie Gallup, and more regulars joined the camp.. Jackson browne arived tonight (second hand, i got it from the ticket girl who got it from the main entrance staff, so you have it third hand).. while others leave.. Annie Wenz and her husband larry(?crs) hit the road back to mass. tomorrow am.

Oh, today was St Kerrpatrick's day, and you had better have been wearing some green...

Met someone who just got here for the first time, and didn't know anybody. He was sitting around singkerrnicity before the show, and talking with the people in the camp. He's a bookmaker by trade, and is doing a show this weekend in san anonio on making ukelele "fan books" they are pages upon pages shaped exactly like the ukelele they are bound to. So on the top, you have a ukelele, and the bottom half is 30 - 50 blank pages that fan out from a spot just below the neck.

Hope i'm not boring y'all out there... Hopefully, you can get a small taste of kerrlife before you all decide to come out next year... When you do that, since you'll have read all about it the year before, it'll make it easier to lose your Kerrvirgin-ity..

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