Kerrville Ramblings - Day 9


The second weekend is here... And so is the 6 loaves of bread that the CUSelves fedexed to kerrville... Camp Coho, and SingKerrnicity send their thanks...

The ballad tree was hosted by Leslie tucker from VA. new people and new music this weekend, combined with other people who have been here since day 1, and their music which now falls into familiar...

The mainstage was opened with a terrific performance by chuck brodsky.. His new album was just released yesterday, and is accompanying me home along with 2 other albums of his i purchased last week. Chuck is one of my favorite artists, with a style all his own..

Next up were crow johnson from Arkansas and swing set from St louis. Crow johnson, while good, was not my style, and swing set was a good excuse to rest for 40 minutes.. Leslie tucker followed with some good stuff, but the energy that chuck started the evening off with, had still not returned... Tom Paxton was next with Gina crs on great violin and the burns sisters on backup. luckily, he did not play my favorite spring, as i'm running low on hankerchiefs... Jennifer kimball and Jimmy Lafave finished up the night, with Jimmy lafave being better than i remember. His best two songs of the night were both covers from The Band.

Campsite activity was heavy at camp cuisine and nashville tonight, with real good vibes flowing out of nashville..

steve taylor has been doing some nice stuff at singkerrnicity and coho.


Jack williams sends his regards to linda.. "Tell her the frog song is done" Still no marie n., nor any sightings of rachael bissex.

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