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Also Chiming In

Caroline Aiken here, and I want to thank you for bringing me to Kerrville when I can't make it..I am home with my daughter for her last week of school, and she's received high honors this year...I am the proudest momma... please give my love to all and rememeber me to Rod...I'll see him in Sept(5th, Main Stage)...also tell Heather T. I said HEY and all from Fla...yell loudly during JAck William's performance for me... please tell the circles you listen to that I am there in spirit...please tell the redhead massage therapist, Ruby TIngle, that I sent you (she's in the vortex backstage) and go get her to DO you...tell I said will fell WONDERFUL...she's great.

I really miss the ranch, and all the office workers and players and listeners, and cooks and security folks...I need K'ville BAD...thanks for your stories