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Day 1

Day 1; part 1

Ok, first quick post from kerrville.. Daily report will follow in an hour or so..

Jamie Anderson, Regards from everyone at sinkerrnicity.. Someone hhad asked if you we're coming, & i told them i didn't think so.. I'll confirm that this aft..

set(_Maurice Chevalier Mode, ON)

Heaven, i'm in heaven...

p.s. fedex picked up the fire ants this A.M.

Day 1; part 2

Had some problems setting up my dial-up connection today, so i've run out of time and have to get to the ranch for the opening ballad tree...

Suffice it to say that 9 months(since labor day) is too long away... The mind plays tricks on you to help you survive your away time... Once you get here, realization of that is painful for a time, while you are torn twixt & tween, re-balancing all the forces in your life based up your center. You center which has just returned home...

Susan ??? airport ??? I have to leave here tomorrow to go to an airport ??? I'd like to by a vowel... or at least a clue...

until tomorrow...

sorry i'm not able to completely fulfill my obligation to the great unwashed vicariously living masses, but, ya know what ?? I'm not gonna feel 1 bit guilty.. and, i will fill you all in tomorrow..

home again..

Day 1; Part 3
What a strange, long trip it's been.. Every year is different... this year is different.. Is it MORE different ?? Don't know.. But it IS different.. This year for the first time, i'm camping for the entire festival, in addition to staying at a motel.. Also, i get in a day early (wednesday), instead of rushing rushing rushing to get everything done on thursday and still get to the ballad tree on time. Adding setting up the tents to checking into the hotel, and wednesday seemed the only way to go.. In previous years, i was so busy rushing, i didn't have time to worry... This year, I have a whole additional day.. so i'm totally discombobulated...

The first plane was delayed an hour... no big deal, the festival doesn't start till tomorrow... Now we're in dallas... Next plane is delayed another hour... no problem, the festival doesn't start until tomorrow... Checked in 3 huge bags at fort lauderdale, hope they made it
onto the san antonio flight... carried on the other two... the car company should have sent a bigger bus... the luggage barely makes it onboard... Ok, they gave me a ford expedition... Just was i need.. at least the luggage all got in the car/truck/whatever this gigantic thing is... Expeditions are bigger than explorers...

The drive to kerrville is uneventful, but the cops in kerrville are on the prowl this year... They've always been bad, (i think jamie anderson can speak from experience).. but this year, i see 2 or 3 cars pulled over every trip in or out of town...

Arrive at the site... Home again... take a deep breath.. feel the energy.... find out if you actually have a place to put the tent... They're the stake.. just where i expected it.. between coho & nashville, in the trees with shade for just about all the day... there's room enough for amy carol webb's tent next to mine, & TR ritchie's tent is crammed under some tree branches, just the other side of that... Michael Terry, if you're reading this after you get home, thank you again for staking the site for me.. Kendra, can't wait till you get here... What's this about not until next week ???

Explore the ranch, and see who's here, who's not (after all, it is wednesday before the festival).. Camp singkerrnicity is in full bore.. They actually come for the week BEFORE the festival, stay through memorial day, and then come back for the last weekend... it works for them... I join the Singkernicity food pool, and am treated to some excellent food prepared by two (or more) excellent chefs. WE get breakfast and dinner.. IT's not the american plan, and it's not the european plan.. It's the kerrville plan... Annie wenz, Lowry Ollafsun (apologies for all the misspellings over the next 18 days), David Lamotte, Kritin DeWitt, Daryll Purpose, BIll Nash, Jack Hardy, Chuck Brodsky, and many others whose names escape me.. (FYI - CRS = can't remember shit) are onb the ranch, others are pouring in by the minute.. The ranch grows exponentially over the next two days... I left the ranch for about 3 hours thursday morning, and all the empty spaces filled in by the time i got back... Wednesday night is a pretty quiet music night, with some activity at singkerrnicity, but, as Dalis said to me wednesday, "We're not a festival yet. Tomorrow,
we're a festival"

Thursday, i got to the ballad tree about 5 minutes late.. (i don't know what it is, i just can't seem to make the 3pm start...) and, got there just as chuck brodsky finished up his intro... lots of familiar faces and hugs and energy.. IT's wonderful watching the long-timers as they arrive and are greeted by people whom they haven't seen in ______ (fill in the
blank).. Best song line of the day at the ballad tree:

On a clear day,
On a clear clear day,
You can see the back of your own head

The opening evening's main stage performances were excellent, with the best performances of the night coming from steve fromholz, and the austin lounge lizards, Also turning in wonderful performances were cindy greene, denice franke, and don edwards, Marian Osiel was also very good... David Amram closed the formal evenings music with the best performance i've seem him have at kerrville.. He fits well into the opening weekend's schedule..

Many attendees are running on empty, as today was the day for camp set-up. Camp nashville was very high quality with richard berman, john smith, and michael lillie (among others).. but, they closed up shop early, around 2:30.. SingKerrnicity had a large circle going with some excellent performances.. and lots of wanderers coming by, as they are usually one of the best organized camps early in the festival.. Over in camp coho, jack
hardy actually got out his mandolin and play one sang, but it was off to sleep for me at 4:30... gotta pick up ozzie at the airport in the morning, can't stay up all night...

Still trying to work out the wrinkles of this years layout with motel/tent/food/etc... I imaging i'll be out of sorts until i get the routine worked out.. But, it's beginning to feel like it's good to be home again...