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Day 10

I awoke on the ranch early enough to attend the shabbat service for the first time in all the years i've been coming to Kerrville. Very moving.. It's not often i experience something which helps me touch some of my ancestors..

The ballad tree was hosted by Michael Camp, nice crowd, some nice stuff.. The mainstage opened with Louise taylor. Susan, her encore was blue norther.. We felt you crying as Louise was singing.. Michael Camp followed with an excellent set... The 2 hits of the evening were The Testostertones now renamed "modern man".. and Limpopo.. Limpopo has changed it's constitution, with only 3 of the original members remaining... While still high energy, and very entertaining, they seem to have lost some of the original "newness" enthusiasm..

Among the testosterone hits of the evening, A folk singer's life.. (Susan, you owe me all the money in the world you bet me.. David Buskin sings that on the wintertide album, not robin batteau.. The grovelling line forms to the right.. Roses won't do you any good... <gg>) ESPN, Jews Don't Camp.. and a host of other hilarious numbers from this great trio of performers..

I'd give you a rundown of all the limpopo numbers, but my keyboard is in english, and their song titles are in russian..

Barbara Kessler and lots of friends had a great time during their set, and poof.. i'ts 1:30am, and time to head to the campgrounds... It's a surprisingly quiet night in the meadow, nashville seems quiet most of the night, Stupid's cooking..

MIA Notices from Camp Coho Sunday Afternoon:

Would have been nice to see Dennis Daugherty, Cosy, Where the hell are you ?? Steve fisher, do you need a new set of directions on how to get to Camp Coho ?? We know you're on the ranch.. Steve, (and michael mcnevein also, ) to help you find you way to the camp, here's tonight's dinner menu.. We're having chicken stir fry night.. Joyce's recipe with Chef kendra and a walnut surprise along the way... Larry Murante, Hope you didn't suffer and difficulties on your trip to the ranch yet,, we're wondering what town you've been waylaid in, cuz you said you'd be here by now.. Although, now is such a relative term around here... You should see michael terry's new watch... no second hand, no minute hand,, no hour hand... today it just says "day 11". It helps him to know which way the wind is blowing...

Larry & Sandy, you've only been gone a short time, but we miss you already... Make sure and bring water when you come back.., bring that air conditioner also...

Wishes go out to David Broza, hope you're healing well... our spirit is with you...

Rod Macdonald.. You've been gone for too many years from this place... You're spirit is missed here, but we know that everyone in florida is benefiting from your presence there..

Jack was in rare form this morning as he passed me on his way to get more holy wine for the confessional.. His hand was red from "being slapped" so
much... It seems the reputation of the good father has exceeded his already
considerable reach..

He was also doing great things at coho last night, along with Kim Miller, and
Mary Coppin.. Mary really lights up in an intimate setting.. When you're
close enough to see hear and feel the fine line , she's really a treat..
She sold lots of CD's.. Her new one is a 5 song live CD (i think, unless
someone else has a 5 song live cd.. it's so hard to keep track with only 2
unfried brain cells remaining..)

Rachel Bissex, your name has been mentioned a number of times around
here... You need to show up and defend your reputation <gg>...

Al Grierson turned into lord buckley for a few minutes this (sunday) morning..

"I miss chris" buttons started springing up on t-shirts yesterday, drawing many positive comments and expressions of approval.. (Editor's note: wait till you hear what kinky friedman said sunday night...)

There are lots of others camp coho wants to send out mia's on, but it's kerrville, and sometimes, jack's holy water makes it too hard to remember..

On of the pleasant surprises of this year's festival has been the consistently high quality of the music and atmosphere at Camp Stupid.. Nicky Lehman and (fill in her name here - got it a day later... Nancy Hewitt from Boston) are tremendous, both together and separately..
Stupid has a killer, almost life size chandler cutout siting on top of the bar...