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Day 12

A light day on the ranch... Steak was on tap for dinner at camp coho, and, noteably, Michael McNevin didn't show up... Threadgill tonight featured performers from england and ireland including Wil Kelly, Juliet turner, Sean Miller, and Julian Dawson.. All the performers were top notch, with stirring individual songs from turner, Miller, and Dawson.. Unfortunately, ms turner had not obtained her working visa, so her cd's were not available..

Campfires were light tonight.. Nashville seems quiet for the balance of the week, as most of their participants have left the ranch... Coho had an irish/english/etc drinking song night, with grierson and martin holding up their end of the barrel... (or were they just emptying it out... <gg>)

It was ??? & ???'s anniversary (CRS strikes again), and they were serenaded by an accordion player who was NOT making his mother proud, nicky leeman and nancy hewitt were in fine form, and chip gave a stirring rendition of "In touch with my feelings" in honor of the 31st anniversary.. Steve fisher, Jamie byrd, and a host of others were also participating in the celebration... One of the special moments of the night came along with an impromptu performance of two flutes and a digereedoo.. Michael McNevin WAS present here tongiht, having just returned from a quick trip to NY. I left at 2:30, and the party was still rolling along..


>And what a pathetic excuse to attempt to air the roses story publicly - you
>sneaky b*****d, you... ;-)

What roses story ?? Now, everyone will want to know what you're referring to!! I was not attempting to get around any verbal restrictions, but now, since the roses are out of the bag, so to speak..... <gg>

>Hey, and bring me back one of those watches Michael Terry is wearing - now
>I'll really have an excuse to be the late, great Susan Moss!

Michael is laid up with a torn muscle in his left (right?) leg.. he was in quite a bit of pain, but he is being happily sedated (VERY HAPPILY, almost TOO happily) and catered to... Tonight, Kendra cut up his steak in heimlich size bites to make it easy for him....

>By the way, I'm still wearing my festival admission bracelet in empathy and
>solidarity and wishful thinking - we can have a ritual cutting-off ceremony
>when you get back... =*(

1 week from tuesday... I'll have some surprises for you i can't reveal over the ether.. Suffice it to say, if you cried at reading about blue norther, the tears'll really be flowing after this.. <ggg> (Ok, now everyone head over to susan's and keep her sedated.. You know how she can't stand to NOT
know what's coming next!! <gg>

>Ha!... you are *so* freakin' confused - make that *one* unfried brain cell
>you are down to, because that is *not even* the song we had the bet about...
>- double ha!

Up until this statement, i always believed you when you said you didn't do drugs anymore !!! <g,d,r>, And yes, i AM down to 1 unfried brain cell... I hope to use that one up sometime this week...

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas