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Day 13

Short notes for today.. everything is turning into a blur of wonderment... No matter how high the ecstasy, at some point you start forgetting the details...

It's just after 6pm. The lower meadow is very quiet.. Coho & Nashville have gone into town for dinner. It's cool under the coho tent, but the flies are driving me crazy... Some nice tunes floating in from some faraway camp.. Time to head to threadgill for tonight's show...


What a sweet, sweet show... Jamie Byrd and Steve fisher, both excellent individual talents, combined their voices and music.. She brings such an uplifting spirit to the stage.. (and the campfires)

Coho and Crow's nest were the most active tonight...

Jack Williams arrived this afternoon, and, after en evening nap, spent some time at coho.. Even in this outstanding crowd, jack stands out..

At the crow's nest tonight... I found out that James Keelahagen is playing sunday.. If that doesn't ring a bell, check out the cry cry cry album under the songs that richard shindell sings.. A young lady did that song.. i recognized it at the first line, and walked around the campfire to face her and hear more clearly.. it's beautiful up there, physically and spiritually...

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas