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Day 14-15

Coming to you directly from camp coho, 2:50 in the morning, thursday night.. Crickets are cacophonous, michael mcnevin is standing in the middle of the road... I'm going to see if i can't get him to sing 2 steps ahead of the train.. OH well, no train... too late.. too quiet..

Midweek energy is very low on the ranch... Less people than i remember. Many of the campfires are quiet due to lack of players (either lack of players on the ranch, or lack of players who aren't sleeping).. One camp i've stumbled across (literally), is "Roland's next door". On the same road as singkerrnicity and coho at the bottom of the meadow.. They've managed to have a nice group of players most nbights, while many of the long-standing camps, coho & nashville included, have either been dark on many nights (Nashville), or on & off again during the night as the energy allows..

Wednesday night, Andrew Calhoun & Kat Eggleston put on a terrific sundown performance at threadgill.. I left around 12:50 for the hotel, most campfires were finished (or close to it) for the night..

Note: There nay be quite a lot of energy in other parts of the ranch, but you can't sense it from the lower meadow...

An interesting thing i've noticed: Last year, at the beginning of the festival, everyone was asking where & who (where was there energy, & who was where).. This year, i'm hearing that during this last week...

Seen tonight: One lady up at the crows nest was in a quandry.. To go ALL the way down the hill, or to use the trees... Ok, let's find some napkins... Can't find any napkins.. Someone offers up some tortillas.. I see her later walking ALL the way down the hill... I guess tortillas just don't cut it...

Camp Calm with Jack Williams, Lui Collins, Ann Feeney, Al Grierson, Geoff Bartlett (?), Nicki leeman, nancy hewitt, joe carlson... No lack of talent here, the volume low, the quality sky high...

I had a wonderful experience with Jack tonight... He was playing a tune on the guitar, and i was whistling along quietly in the background... All
of a sudden jack goes: "Take it".. Luckily, i didn't swallow my tongue, whistled a line, and jack & i alternated lines for the rest of the song... It was hard to keep whistling near the end, because it's very difficult to whistle when you're smiling.. Ok, time to add "Backup for Jack WIlliams at his Camp Coho appearance" to the bio... Ok buddy, you're next... Jack was the only one playing at coho for about an hour.. But, when i stopped talking to listen to him, he said he was just playing "background music".. "Doodling" he called it.. I told him "DaVinci was also a doodler... Ya know, the one where the guy is standing there with his arms outstretched".. If Jack comes around your neck of the woods, don't just go to see him, drag everybody you know.. They will all thank you profusely during and after the show..

Tonight at threadgill was a Salt lake city campfire organized by megan peters.. Excellent stuff, Tonight was also WIld WOmen night... If someone you didn't know, looked very good tonight, you needed to double check before you jumped in...

This evening, i was quite a bit out of sorts with myself.. I spent the day driving into san antonio, looking at rv's for next year, since they will have telephone hookups at the rv sites.. In cell range again, i spent quite a bit of time on the phone with my office. By the time this evening came around, i still wasn't fully mentally back on the ranch... Yeech... A couple of hours of hugs, friends, and great music, got me back on track...

Quite a few people have shown up today adding their energy to the ranch.. The energy level is still low for the last thursday...

Beautiful brezzy night.. perfect for sleeping at the ranch... Up at 9... bread to bake...