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Day 16

It's 3:10 in the morning at camp coho.. Al Grierson is singing susana about 30 feet away. I'm enjoying the cool breeze going by...

What a wonderful evening.. great spirit, jump-started by the arrival of hundreds of people, bringing their energy onto the ranch... Lots of hugs and welcomes and people you had thought weren't going to make it, showing up for the last weekend..

GREAT mainstage performances starting with steve gillete and cindy mangsen with anne hills and gina forsyth helping out (if gina wasn't helping out here, she was on stage for most of the other performers, including her own mini-set as part of the 2-hour waterbug showcase..

Steve finished his set with his tribute to gamble rogers.. it set a wonderful fulfilling tone for the evening.. The burns sisters were as gloriously harmonious as ever.. Vance gilbert was slightly less outrageous than i've seen him, but no less excellent... He got a little outrageous at one point, calling rod kennedy his love muffin, whereupon rod shut off all the stage lights and sound on Vance...

Bobby bridger finished up the evening and his set with this year's first rendition of heal in the wisdom..

Campfire energy was very high tonight, with nancy hewitt getting a surprise birthday cake as she finished up a song, to the tune of 60+ people singing happy birthday at camp calm... Camp stupid was cooking as was coho and roland's next door.. Mocha verde had a large crowd and some great accordion solo's as i was walking by.. Not enough energy to get up to
crow's nest tonight..

Had dinner w/Chuck Pyle who made a 1 night stopover on his way to an austin(?) gig sat night. He's been keeping up with the happenings through the ramblings, as has caroline aiken, jamie anderson and stephanie corby (we miss you all).. The offstage hightlight of the evening was a stop by jack williams camp.. we just missed chuck pyle, but sat around for awhile
listening to jack, grant livingston, steve brooks, and lui collins.. It's the first time i've been up close and personal with lui's music, and she's really special.. Grant and steve traded armadillo songs, which i found fascinating, since i was the only one who knew BOTH songs.. Each of them greatly enjoyed the other's treatment of the lowly armadillo..

Al Grierson is still going strong at coho, Amy & Brooke, Al sends his love.. I've got a hug from him for tuesday.. Jill's thumb bandage finally came off tonight, after two weeks, and she doesn't want to go to bed, she just wants to keep playing...

Met the righteous mothers tonight while wearing my Hofstra t-shirt.. Their group was started at hofstra law school... Yesterday, a girl was standing behind me w/ a hofstra t-shirt. I rold her i never expected to see another hofstra alumnus.. She told me she didn't go there, she saw the school name on the espn2 ticker a few years ago, was intrigued by the name, abd has been following the school ever since...

It's 4am, and time to put my head down... I hear oliver's accordion way out there.. Probably camp stupid... there was a strolling brass band earlier tonight.. they're nowhere to be heard, by lots of voices from lots of campfires are drifting over, along with the accompanying applause..

I think this will be the last report i file before leaving the ranch... I'm probably checking out of the hotel tomorrow, so won't have access to email until i return home... i'll probably do the reports here at coho, but they won't be filed until i get home...

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas