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Day 17 - Morning

It's 9:30 in the morning, Camp Coho, it's HOT, and Jill Kennon's pancakes are disappearing like ice on a hot day... Kat & Andrew, Gary Martin, Linda, Joyce, Larry and Bob Tower are enjoying the next to the last morning of the festival.. Next to the last morning of the festival... Boy that sucks... Kat seems to have developed an irish brogue for breakfast.. And here comes michael, hobbling back from the bathroom, with a much more relieved look on his face than when he left... There's michael mcnevin... It must be breakfast time!! <gg>

It's unfortunate that it's not practical to spend the entire year in this kind of an environment. The peacefulness this place brings to the spirit is magic..

Time to head to the hotel and check out...

It CAN be this way always... We just need to surround ourselves, or immerse ourselves in the "right" kind of people.. Thankfully, in my case, i've got the broward folk club (and dade & p.b.); 150 folkies existing in a cultural wilderness to help me make it through the day... sorry you all can't be here with me, maybe next year... Robbie, the RV part of the ranch will have airconditioning full hookups... Marie, living in a RV means: "No Chiggers"..