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Day 18 - Late Edition

real (sc)ramblings tonight folks...

It's 2:30, at camp coho.. I've got 90 minutes left on the ranch, and Jack Williams is doodling again about 20 feet away.. Kate Mcloud, Kat Eggleston, Andrew Calhoun, Joyce Woodson, Mary Melina, Joe Carlson., Gary and others..

Ok, jack has stopped doodling, so i'm gonna pay attention now..

Earlier, Michael McNevin finally played two feet ahead of the train while i was within earshot... at the crossroads by the main bathrooms..

Great show tonight... the 3rd act was Anne Hills, who did a wonderful fulfilling rendition of follow that road.. Carrie Newcomer was excellent, and the evening was polished off with a tremendous set and a half from the asylum street spankers., who brought as much energy to the stage as any act at the festival... From drugs to fetishes, to drinking, they covered all bases with a tremendous range of styles to the absolute delight of the audience.. The festival was closed with bobby bridger's heal in the wisdom..

Jack is soooo smooth, everyone just stops what they're doing, anywhere in the area..

All the watermelon and 3 musketeers have been handed out, the only remaining nourishment is the last half loaf of bread which will be cut up shortly... It's a beautiful clear night, which is a welcome relief after last night's campfire rainout..

Camp coho has been partially disassembled, the kitchen and much of the camp has been put into storage, tomorrow they'll take the chairs..

Here comes a wandering gypsy group down the hill from Chapel Hill... About 100 people dancing down the road from camp to camp...

Stephanie G is playing now... We've both been at the festival since the wed before. We started at singkerrnicity, and ended at coho...

For those people just tuning in, we're going to be starting a KerrChat Email list, so the south florida email list will be able to get back to the south florida scene, and all kerrverts will have someplace to go to look for someone, or to see if anybody knows that person in the white skirt they met up at the ballad tree sunday, or the lady who sang at camp stupid at 4AM last Thursday.. Or, since we're equal opportunity seekers, the guy who was dancing in the red bandana... Anyway, you get the idea.. Hopefully, you'll also be able to get definitive answers to any ranch related questions, such as: when are the telephone lines going to be in the RV park..

Going to take a last stroll around the ranch...

It can be this way always...

Remeber, a bad day at Kerrville is still better than any other 340 days in the year...