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Day 4

New folk winners:

  • Suzanne Buirgy, Venice, CA
  • Mark Erelli, Amherst, Ma.
  • Diane Zeigler, Montpelier, VT
  • Jeff Berkley, San Diego, CA
  • Mitch Barret, Berea, KY
  • Ray Bonneville, Nashville, TN

It's 5:10AM Sunday night Day 4, & I'm sitting around a campfire at camp coho. Kevin So, Eric Gerber, carl cacho, Annie Wenz, nicky lehman, kieth greeninger & band, including (CRS) a multi-instrumental vision-impaired musician with a beautiful voice.

There have been many driveway gatherings this evening.

Most of the other campfires are done for the night. I expected to see jack hardy here, but, i'm sure he'll be holding court later this week..

Just around the campfires tonight, i've seen amy carol webb, steve seskin, susan burgy, ellis paul, don coscenti,

Annie's leaving in the morning. Although its only day 4, the exit process begins the inevitable trickle of enddrops, soon to turn into a stream, then a torrent.. But, that's another chapter..

Just finished handing out a tub of watermelon we bought earlier today.. It's amazing that $3 of watermelon can make so many people go "wow" at 5am.. It's cheaper than lessons in guitar picking, (and a hell of a lot easier).. I can't play, so i contribute what i can...

And annie is playing the song she wrote on the way home from last year's kerrville, "and we wait"

Beautiful perfect weather... The night is cloudy and a pretty steady light breeze is blowing over the ranch. Short sleeves and long pants, & i'm very comfortable.. sometimes when the wind goes down, it's warm enough to start sweating..

Margie pearl stopped by to say hello earlier this evening.. She's the healthcare professional who lives in dallas and wants to move to ftl. She's still trying...

Lots of join kerrville ramblings cards handed out tonight to people who stopped by as i was writing some of the reviews back by the vendor stands... It's very fulfilling to get on-the spot positive feedback from complete strangers like: "I read the ramblings every day i couldn't be here".. I'm not a career writer, so i'm not used to meeting people who know a lot more about me, than i know about them... (Like, what's your name ?? <gg)

Susan & Susan have called it a night a long time ago... It's back to the motel tonight instead of sleeping here for the first night.. So, let's wake up the troops and get rolling..