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Day 5

Sleep requirements led me to again miss the blues project, so apologies for anyone looking for those details..

A little overview note here: There is no way anyone can begin to give a comprehensive review of what happens here.. I probably don't get to more than 5% or 10% of the campsites and song circles. There's excellence and genius everywhere you look.. You can't take 10 steps without running into "another person with a guitar", and most of these people are mainstage
quality at most festivals. While writing the reviews at one of the tables near the vendor booths, someone said to me: Thank you for the ramblings, You've got an opinion about everything, and i don't agree with all of them, but it's wonderful just the same.. Opinions aside, there is not 1 person i've come across (other than a couple of over-testosteroned drunks, but that's a rarity here) who i have not enjoyed meeting, and not 1 performer who i wouldn't jump at the opportunity to see, should they wander down to the cultural wilderness of south florida that we exist in.. (The broward folk club's motto s/b "150 dedicated folkies existing in a cultural

The ballad tree was hosted today by David Olney. Ozzie will be chiming in with some chapel hill details later tonight, i'm sure..

The first reaction one gets walking into the mainstage area tonight is: Where is everyone ?? Monday night's crowd has been thinned by the people who needed to leave to be back at work on tuesday.. For those of you who are tuning in while trying to re-enter the real world, our peace and energy is still with you, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel it still making you whole..

Mainstage opened tonight with Susan Shore. Susan said to me earlier: "This is the last time i come to kerrville without being fully equipped.. I had to borrow a tent, mattress, everything.. Next year, i'm bringing my own..." Those of you who know susan, are probably wondering about this time, where else she'll be using this camping equipment... (FYI:She's also wondering <gg>) David Olney followed up with his ballad tree session with a mainstage appearance in the 7'ish second slot.. This is the slot where the audience is no longer dying from the heat, but begins to look forward to the sun completely going down behind the hill that is at the 10'oclock position as you look outward FROM the stage..

Next up was Cliff Eberhardt - Cliff is a major presence on stage, his technical ability (wizardry) is matched by spectacular writing, and a sense of humor that belies the sometimes dark core that is the driving force behind some of his songs... If you ever see him, please go to the bathroom first.. Yoou'll be glad you did when he starts his old-age-home routine..

Amilia Spicer was up next, and after frying her keyboard after the first 15 seconds of her first song, kerrville came to the rescue with another keyboard and everything else she needed..

Bill Staines was wonderful as always.. I never find myself getting excited about seeing him on the bill, but always loving every minute that he's out there, and promising myself that i'll try to remember to be excited ahead of time when i have the opportunity to hear him next.....

The highlight of the evening (except for peter yarrow, who's not a highlight, he's a treasure) was the Lorin Rowan Trio.. Think back to the 50's and the kingston trio.. Now, up the quality of the musical talent, update the music itself, add a cello that's thinks it can fly (courtesy of
Doug Harmon), and you have a GREAT set of music.. When they said they had a live album, i didn't wait until the crush 5 minutes later, i ran to hospitality and grabbed it up... It really sucks when you find out that the album you want from the great performance you just heard is sold
out.. If you have a chance to see these guys, run, do not walk to the ticket booth.. The addition of peter rowan hopping on and off stages with various musical instruments in tow, is another extra added attraction you will probably only see in kerrville..

Peter Yarrow finished up the evening as only he can.. His set's orientation this year revolved around the songs that PP&M are doing that came from songs peter brought back from kerrville.. Sally fingerett's Home is where the heart is is one of these (although peter did not perform it tonight).. Peter did tell the story of how he heard steve seskin's song Don't laugh at me, cried, brought it home to noel paul & mary, and they cried, and how they added it to their tour since last year. Those of you who were here last year, or followed along with the bouncing dot via the ramblings, know that steve seskin played threadgill last year. WHen steve
began to play don't laugh at me, peter, who was sitting right in front of us, got up in a "sneaky" hunched over fashion, and exited to the left, only to walk up behind steve, and join him for the second chorus.. I've only heard steve do the song, never peter by himself. I don't think there is
ANY song, (even tom paxton's a wonderful spring, or amy's brilliant daddy don't go) which reaches as deep into my gut as this one.. I think i cried through the next 3 songs... (hold it... talk amongst yourselves... i'll be right back..)..Susan (who had never seen peter {i think}), was having a blast, especially when he brought all the kids up to the stage to sing puff, and then the whole audience was invited up for the finale..

The only disappointing part of the evening was they didn't close the weekend's activity with bobby bridger's heal in the wisdom.. They did that at the end of each weekend last year..