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Day 9


We'll just skip day 7 * 8 for now... I'm live from day 8, sitting at the tables at the back of mainstage, between Joyce Woodson & A kerr County sheriff.. Tom Prasado Rao just finished up a great set w/ Chris Rosser, Kristin DeWitt, Billy ?, David Wilcox, Jeff Berkley from the Joel Rafael Band (a new folk winner), and a host of friends..

People have been flowing onto the ranch since yesterday afternoon, bringing their energy and joining with the existing spirit.. For the first 3 years i came to the festival, i always arrived on the second thursday.. That and this weekend are my favorite points in time in this festival that lives in, through, and with all of us here and out there in the ether.. One of my
parting comments to Ozzie and Karen was that they needed to carry the spirit of the festival back to florida. It didn't matter if they could only hold onto it for an hour, or a day, but they needed to carry it back and share it with as many of you as they could.. So, find Ozzie or Karen, and feel the energy as they hug you.. It's only the tiniest bit of what will roll over you, when you finally bite the bullet and come for one of these wonderous happenings in this magical place.

The thursday sundown concert last night, was a seattle campfire.. the founders of Camp Coho, Heidi mueller, Janice Carper, Traci Spring, and even brubaker put on a great threadgill night; the first half in the round, and the last half mini concerts.. Thursday night is when you can see many of the regulars coming in for the last 11 days of the festival..

Some of the other performers tonight have been Shug Maldin, Don Henry, a real nice set from Mary Coppin who's working hard on her ability to tune and talk to the audience at the same time.. Mary also mc'd the ballad tree this afternoon.

Damn, and Earl's doesn't have ribs again tonight..

Just caught a glimpse of Jim Savarino's new touring shirt.. On the back of a black shirt, he has "The jim savarino world tour" it's a little hard to see, since he had it printed in black.. (he's a humble kind of guy <gg>) The front of the t-shirt says "Songs for social change"..

Vern & I put off baking communion bread until next week, as they've got plenty of bread in the cupboard..

Carl Cacho has a great new song entitled "Home is where they have to let you in" When he sings it here, he replaces home with Kerrville... I think he's going to rename the song "Chandler's anthem".. If only singing could make it happen.. Chris, you're in the thoughts of more people than you can imagine.. peace brother..

Last night, Camp Coho was cooking, along with Cuisine. Calm was.. Sinkernicity is winding down as many of their principle occupants leave the festival.. Lynne & Ron, if you're listening, we miss you, and await your return for the last weekend..

Tom Payne: This is the first year in 8 years that Joyce woodson has not been able to hear a new tom payne song... She keeps looking around for that profile with the cowboy hat, and a strong hug from a tall westerner... She misses you, but not your snoring (her words, not mine) <gg>

Mainstage is pretty full for a friday night...

Looks like an interesting late night tonight... the spirit is sparkling..

Still on the hill just came on... For those of you who don't know, they will be one of our national headliners in January.. Get your fire extinguisher's out, they're hot, and Donna is positively glowing... We've had a couple of performances where they did 2 encores, and i think there was one this year that got 3 encores... Still on the hill got a 2 song encore, and then ANOTHER 2 song encore...

The mainstage night finished up with a strong performance and 2 encores from david wilcox..

Lots of stuff going on campfire-wise tongiht, but you'll have to excuse me, i'm going of to be a little bit less single now... I'll be back when i come up for air..