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Day 4 - Susan Moss
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Before You Get Started

Welcome home. What you'll find here are observations, reviews, and reports on the happenings in and around, going to and coming from the Kerrville folk festival.

This is a completely unauthorized site, and has no affiliation with any organization, and very little affiliation with reality.

Please keep in mind that many of these reports were done in real-time; that is to say they were being typed as the performances were happening, many more of these reports were done with the reporter (at least THIS reporter ) NOT in full grasp of his/her faculties. In addition, we're receiving additional reports, reviews, and commentaries, so check back here regularly, and keep the spirit alive..

There are some less than positive opinions expressed in here about some performers. From my perspective, there was not one performer i saw or heard at kerrville that i would not jump at hearing in my hometown. There was also not one bad vibe that I came across which i would classify as significant. Kerrville is a wonderful fullfilling, enlightening experience; (and these adjectives don't even begin to get into the right ethereal neighborhood)..

Hopefully, by sharing these reports, some of you will be able to flashback on a specific evening or happening, and those of you who were not there may be able to get a little bit of the feel of community and friendship that abounds on the ranch. And, maybe, some of you will decide that Kerrville is somewhere you just have to get to next year.

If you have any other reports or comments about the festival, please feel free to send them to me & i'll try to get them on the website. I'm also looking for pictures, so if you have any, send me an e-mail, and we'll figure out if we can get them on the web.

Thanks to Nancy Terzian and Chris Bauman for their reports.

It can be this way always...

See you next year...

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn
Fort Lauderdale, FL