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From Amy Carol Webb (

Hi Ya'll!

Brooke & I made it home without incident, downloaded 548 emails from our 11-day absence (yikes) and went straight to sleep for close to 11 hours!

I've just read Brian's Kerrville Ramblings for the first two days (11 & 12) I was not present for any of it and it feels WIERD. Now, as glad as I am to be clean and cool and chigger-free and refreshed from a night in my own nest ... I'm fighting the urge to cry.

Ah, now there's the first difference ... were I on the Ranch, I wouldn't bother to fight the urge. There's nothing like seeing so many folks with tear trails on their dusty faces.

Our Kerrville film goes to processing today, and I've started a Kerrville Report for you dear ones from a performing songwriter's perspective to be posted to my AmyCarolWebb-site with the photos later this week. Since Brian and Susan and Bob are possessed of artists' souls, I don't know how "other" my p.o.v. may be, but I know I've got to write it. Some moments at Kerrville, in the midst of the overwhelming preponderance of phenomenal songs, a writer wonders if she can pick up pen again -- and then, as Annie Wenz said, you rather vow to pick it up and never put it down. One thing I know ... Kerrville can be no "been there, done that," ... it can only be "been there, how do I get back!" ... and I departed sure I must write my way in again. And again.

Thanks to all of you for your warm wishes and positive energy sent Westward to Texas! Can't wait to tell you all about it!

love, Amy