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From Annie Wenz

well- here i am sitting back at home in westhampton, MA... i'm leaving at 4am today for costa rica for a month & should be packing (or i should say un & re-packing) but i had to chime in before i head out on my way...

just finished reading brian & susan's ramblings & was catapulted back to the ranch (which is where i'd rather be right now for sure.) sigh :( i left kerrville yesterday with full heart & soaking tissue- arrived here at 2am buzzed on insomnia. what to say??? my time there was magical ~ an overflowing billow of gold. i am so inspired & moved by the spirit of kerrville, the gorgeous songs & the sharing of music & friendship. i realized between folk alliances, festivals & kerrville i see many of these folks more than i see my own family... & they are now my family too! and it's not just about songs... it's about brian lighting up the room by sharing a loaf of bread, a bowl of watermelon, by susan glowing & celebrating every blade of texas grass! (btw- after passing a bucket of watermelon to 30 drooling thirsty kerrvillites- brian whispers to me "see- you don't need to just play songs to make folks happy here- i just did it with a $3 watermelon!) amy carol sang her heart out, blowing me away as always & the wonderful brook brings such a light... so many perfect moments...

as brian said- the evening concerts were just incredible... during my time there i was most moved by tom kimmel's performance. tom is a brilliant writer & performer, but more than that- he has a peace & joy about him that brings you on this journey...i walked away first saying "i'll never pick up a pen again... i could never come close..." then i decided i will pick up a pen again, i'll just never put it down (i'll have to find a place to bungee it to my body!)

i spent my last night (sunday) jamming till an hour past sunrise in ceremonial "last night" fashion, as brian said- there was an amazing array of talent spiraling upward. i could go on & on... but i've got a plane to catch thanks so much to brian & susan for...well... everything

big hugs annie

off to the jungle to kiss a monkey & write a few