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Day 10 - K2K

I'm sitting at the threadgill theatre on Tuesday evening. Joyce wilson is finishing up a nice set, & i'm looking forward to Michael McNevin who will follow shortly.

Steve Seskin arrived on the ranch today, 4 days early for his saturday night set. How many places are there where a performer gets into town 4 days early to enjoy the spirit ??

Saturday started off early with Buddy and Carol's wedding. (see day 9 review for some details). Luckily the heavy rain from early morning did not put a damper on the event. I played off-the-ranch tour guide for much of the afternoon, missing the heavy storm that hit about 2:30.

The medina river is about 20 - 30 minutes away from the ranch. The third crossing is a favorite spot for festival attendees. The water is cool, (but not clear), slow moving, swimable, usually not over your head, and a great relief, both physically from the heat, and spiritually for the soul. The road to the river takes you over one of the hills in the area via a series of mountain switchbacks with a 15 mp limit and steep grades. it's very UNLIKE the road going to the festiavl from kerville.

The highlights of the evenings performances (of which i only saw half of) were small potatoes which did a great set in high heat, still on the hill, who were even better than usual, given the upcoming hillbilly wedding of phil and allison taking place about 4 hours later. and trout fishing in america. The kerrvirgin linda wise (look under dan akroyd playing seargeant friday to get the right tone for that phrase) could be seen dancing her butt off at the front of the dance floor, much to the enjoyment of Vern Crawford who was keeping up with her while maintaining his security vigil at the front of the stageright..

Stephanie Corby, Carl Cacho, Eric Gerber, Mandolin Guy (stephanie, please fill in his name) were blasting out to a large crowd at the Mens Room Gig. Carl played his "home (Kerrville) is where they have to let you in" song, sub-titled the Ode to Chris Chandler last year during chris's difficulties (which are now past history).

Adam & Kris had just gotten to the ranch a short time before, but wer eholding court uphill from the mens room, under the street light. As always, Kris had a new hairdo this year, totally different that any of the years before. How many different ways can someone look so striking ?? They started singing to a "seed" crowd of about 6 people, but there were over 50 by the time the first song ended. Their full box of CD's was much lighter when i saw them later that night.. Great energy, great people.. They even delayed starting for about 2 minutes to let linda return from the bathroom..

Cuisine was in full post-wedding form, as there was very little music happening, but much moonshine/lighter fluid being passed around, along with some great energy and spirit..

Nashville was still dark, as it has been for much of the festival.. It will definitely pick up during the last week..

Going up to the crow's nest, we were disappointed to find it dark, but, right down the road at camp Re-something (re-live, re-allignment, re-something), Steve Fisher & Jamie Bird were holding court.. For about 30 minutes, they were send out such sweet sounds, it made you forget how out of breath you were just climbing up there..

Peace and love to all..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn