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Day 11 - K2K

Of course, everyone has a bit of moonshine hangover.. I'm not sure, however, if bob's hangover was caused by moonshine.. But, enough said about that..

About 1PM, Linda walked down to Camp Coho from the RV park to pick up some things we had left down there... About a 15 minute trip... She returned about an hour later with the statement "Oh, you've got to come right away, I just found heaven". She had come across Kate Wallace, Richard Berman, and johnsmith and Kristin DeWitt playing at camp nashville.. We caught the last half hour before heavy thunderclouds came over the mountain. We closed up the tent, and just made it back to the RV before the 3 hour storm closed in. I didn't see them, but there were reports of mud luge games going on in the lower meadow. From the amount of rain that was coming down, i don't doubt it for a minute. I was glad that linda had an opportunity to watch kristin in action. Her interpretation: Kristin just enveloped herself into the harmony. For those of you who are out there who've never seen Kristin in harmony, it is indeed a beautiful sight to behold..

The mainstage on Sunday (and this entire weekend) was one big highlight after another. The nields started off the evening in fine fashion, with Butch hancock, one of my favorites following. The Joel Rafael Band followed with their usual beautiful, energetic yet peaceful brand of music. For those of you who are in South Florida, Joel told me they are going to be coming to our festival in January. (good work robbie,sig,etal). Eric Andersen was next, with a mix of old and new stuff, finishing up with thirsty boots and blue river. Unfortunately, I missed susan crowe, but returned in time to catch Ray Wylie Hubbard. If any of you ever have an opportunity to see this man, run, do not walk, to the ticket booth, and bring all your friends. Some words of caution though, do not eat too much, because when you laugh this much, you might lose your dinner, and be prepared for about as much irrevereance as you'll ever want to hear...

His opening line was great: "Wow, what a great introduction. I can hardly wait to hear me."

Mainstage finished up a little after midnight. Rod Kennedy made a concerted effort this year to cut back on mainstage so it could finish at a more reasonable hour. last year, it wasn't ending until after 1am sometimes.

One item of note i overlooked from last night: Unfortunately, mickey newbury was not healthy enough to make the trip to the ranch to play on mainstage.

It was Group Night at Cuisine, Still on the hill, Small Potatoes, Jack Williams and the g string irregulars, Banned in Boston (Kevin So, Steve Brooks) all held court in one of the "different Cuisine nights" i.e. not the typical pickin party layout.

The second Sunday is a mixed bag of emotions, as the people who came for the first two weekends are enjoying their last night on the ranch. Stephanie Corby alternated between highs and lows, tears and laughter. Through it all her voice and spirit could be heard across the great meadow.

Linda Wise and Judy Smith, two kerrvirgins from South Florida were also experiencing their last nights on the ranch, although linda is planning on returning next thursday, so her spirits remained high throughout the evening, even though she was seen out on her feet (and still with a big smile on her face) as the night wore on..

I had to drive my designated kerrvirgin back to the airport for her 6AM flight, so we left about 3, and i returned to the ranch about 5:30, after a relatively uneventful round trip; except for the deer that decided to dance amongst the cars near san antonio... Luckily, i was paying close attention (try that some morning at 4:15!), and managed to slow down enough to give the deer time to decide discretion and the trees were a better place to be.

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Peace and love to all..

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn