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Day 13 - K2K

Tuesday was a tough day... Dodging hand grenades from the office doesn't equate to kerrville moments..

Worked all day, took a break to catch the sundown concert at threadgill.. Joyce Woodson and Michael McNevin were doing a split bill... Sorry about the crs problem the other day... It is indeed Joyce Woodson who was performing, NOT Joyce Wilson.. Thanks to the REAL Joyce Wilson for pointing that out to me..

Joyce was a little nervous at the start of her performance, but settled down somewhat as time passed and finished up strong... Michael was.. well, michael was michael.. Just a little kid looking to get into as much trouble as he can.. (some things never change).. Great set with peg bertsh (i think) and the newlyweds Mrs & Mr Carol and Buddy Elliot. (or is it ... ???) joining in on a couple of tunes.. Michael is always a joy to listen to as his infectious energy spreads rapidly indeed, whether he's playing in the middle of a kerville road, or on the threadgill stage.

I got back to work after the concert, and finally finished up around 10:30. Absolutely exhausted, i planned on calling it an early evening.. But, Nashville happened, then Rolands next door happened... and the next thing you knew, it was 2AM.. It's amazing how good music can energize even the most tired body..

Nashville was in high gear, as steve seskin, kate wallace, and richard berman (and others) were matching each other great song for great song.. This camp is really something special when it's in gear..

Moved down to Rolands for the first time this festival. Roland's always strikes me as a late camp, as opposed to singkerrnicity, which is an early camp. Singkerrnicity is usually going even before the festival starts, and winds down as the Megan's and Annie Wenz's leave the festival after the second weekend.. Roland's hasn't seemed to pick-up energy until the second weekend..

Rolands has seskin, Grant Livingston, Small potatoes, Bernice lewis, Diedre (cello CRS) Mary Molina and a few others i didn't know. Nice energy, nice vibes, good coffee for 1AM in the morning..

Bernice lewis played a great song. I think it was called normal.. One of the lines is "Normal is just a setting on your washing machine"

On the leaving front, Robert Corwin and small potatoes are on their way out tomorrow (wed).

Innocently sitting there, rich and jacquie from small potatoes were so exhausted, they couldn't even think of a tune to play. They asked me for a suggestion... Oh, the responsibilities... I hate making suggestions... Now i have to start remembering the NAMES of songs??? Jeez... i have enough trouble remembering the names of the players... You know, i come from that generation that doesn't have very many unfried brain cells remaining.. I know i came to kerrville with 3 unfried ones left, but i think i lost one of them the first week....

One of their songs had indeed been running around my head for a day or so, and i suggested they do "time flies".. As soon as they started, one person than another picked up shakers and started joining in the wonderful energy from this song... It was the right energy at the right time... Poor jacquie gets so exhausted, she was just burrowing herself into her jacket... But, the song picked her right up... At the end of the song, Rich announced, "time isn't the only thing to fly, i can't hold it any longer", and took of in the general direction of the mens rooms..

Sitting at Rolands, half asleep, saw a face of a young lady that looked familiar, didn't remember her name, but after perusing for a minute or so, remembered previous years when this lady was here, and a smile came across my face as it felt good to know someone else has returned to the ranch to add their special energy into this wonderful mix.

And Jamie Byrd walks into rolands, and lights up the tent with her special, sweet energy..

Apologies to all those people in the other dozens (hundreds) of wonderful camps on the ranch.. I wish i could get to more of them, but it's difficult to keep moving long distances when there's a WOW every 50 feet...

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Peace and love to all..

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn