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Day 14 - K2K

Sitting up at the left balcony for the Lorin Rowan/Doug Harmon threadgill concert.. I arrived late, and tried sitting downstairs, but i just don't enjoy threadgill from down there.. Seeing a seat up on the left side of the balcony (the right side is my favorite), i grabbed it and immediately felt more comfortable... I was able to look out on the ranch from there and see how full it was for the last wednesday... Smoke was wafting tuwards the theatre from from campsites just outside the threadgill roofline. The theatre was about 75% full.

Why do people get more nervous playing to a kerrville crowd then a "normal gig" ?? Perhaps i could see an explanation as i looked out across the audience.. I think it's that you're playing to your peers.. In the audience this night was Steve Fisher, Jamie Byrd, Kevin So, Mary Molina, Tom Payne, Michael McNevin, Mike WIlliams, Bill Ward, Kate Wallace, Cindy Greene, Steve Gillette, Jack WIlliams, Diedre (CRS cello), Eric ANdersen, and a dozen or more prior or current mainstage or threadgill performers whose names escaped me at the moment.. That's what makes this festival special, playing to your peers.. It's why kerrvirgins are sometimes intimidated. Last night at nashville, Eileen (CRS?) was invited in to play.. For a newcomer to expose themselves and to be compeltely vulnerable to stablished songwriters is a giant leap of faith.. Kerrville is one of the most supportive places to do that..

Afterwards (or was it before?) Coho had a nice song circle going, including a great song from Katherine Cunningham "little black dress"..

Sleep early this night, as the prize in the crackerjack box reveals itself tomorrow..

Oh, do you know how to tell when you are closing in on the town of kerrville ?? Just listen for Tommy James and the shondells singing crystal blue persuasion on the local radio station.. Either they play this song every hour on the hour all year long, or someone tells 'em i'm coming... I haven't heard this on the radio in 10 years.. Except when i'm in kerrville... I used to hear it here every night, as i drove back to the hotel.. Now, it's less often since i'm staying on the ranch. But it's still in heavy play 'round these parts..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Peace and love to all..

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn