Reports from Kerrville 2000

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Day 16 - K2K

The start to a great weekend of music was marred by heavy rains at the ranch friday and friday night. The ballad tree was held at the threadgill theatre due to the rain, and rain fell steadily throughout kevin so's performance. It slackened off a bit for steve seskin, and christine albert and chris gage, but picked up again for the david nelson band, making it two years in a row they've played to a rain-soaked audience..

There were campfires, but some kerrvirgins just collapsed after their showers from cold and the exhaustion of getting all the mud out of all the places mud finds it's way into....

Kevin So put on a great show despite the obvious dissapointment at the very small crowd which had braved the awful weather to sit at mainstage. Carl Cacho and Eric Gerber joined kevin for a couple of songs, and by the second or third song, kevin had his usual dynamic stage presence back.

Steve Seskin is a spectacular singwriter, who can have your tears flowing with any number of tunes he can pull our of his bag.. The most wonderous thing (and the closest to home) is "Don't laugh at me" which has, not only been picked up by Peter Paul & Mary, but is going into 100,000 schools in the coming year. Peter Yarrow has started the don't laugh at me foundation and has raised over $350,000 to aid in the dissemination of this valuable, valuable core self message. Please support this effort by supporting this song through request to your local radio stations. (i think it has also been getting airplay on country stations through another artist)

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Peace and love to all..

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn