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Day 2 - K2K

(Sat, 27 May 2000)

It was a dark and stormy night...

Well, it was certainly dark, and it did rain hard for about an hour, interrupting Kim & Reggie Harris in the middle of their set, but clear skies (albeit opressive mugginess for a couple of hours), or at least dry skies prevailed, and the second night of the festival was a rousing success (at least from an attendance viewpoint, the ranch is packed.)

Shopping responsibilites took me into town for the early evening, and i didn't get to mainstage until after the rain delayed Kim & Reggie & the magpies. The were followed by Tommy sands, who also hosted the ballad tree. Today's ballad tree session was one of the most attended ones i could remember. I don't know if it was Tommy's being the host, or just the capacity crowd on the ranch. I guess we'll have a better idea as the weekend rolls along.

One of the only things i would like to see more of the the festival is a political bent.. Tonight, with Kim & Reggie, followed by Tommy, we at least got a crack at reaching our daily quota of politics.. We're that there were more..

Tommy was followed by the 4 bitchin babes, who were their usual great selves. Debbie Smith was with them this year, along with Sally fingerett, camille west and megan mcdonough.

Clandestine finished up the evening with some rousing celtic music. Not exactly my style, but still very enjoyable.. And, there was no room at the mosh pit..

Campfires were still spotty last night, with nashville having some early energy. I heard that both cuisine and singkerrnicity had rousing evenings earlier in the night, but i was busy being less single, and missed 'em.. Stupid was packed, and the usual memorial day weekend suspects were hanging around the main bathrooms singing what sounded like cover tunes (they shoot covers here, don't they ??).. Chatterbox and most of the coho regulars are in town, Joyce is cooking stir-fry tonight.. I imagine the blue margaritas can't be far behind..

New folk is starting in a minute or two... I need to get the raisins into the two loaves cooking outside...

Remember, live webcast tonight from


I also need to take this opportunity to apologize to all those people whom i cross paths with here, whose names i misspell, forget, confuse with other equally confusing people, etc... Remember, i never promised to be of sound mind and body... And, when i'm here, i do all i can to avoid it.. If that results in a bunch of "oops", then i guess oops is one of the main ingredients in my cooking..

Peace and love to all..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn