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Day 3 - K2K

(Sun, 28 May 2000)

And the heavens opened up... And we were wet.. And the water ran down the muddy road... And it sucked... But, a sucky night at Kerrville is still better than 320 other nights you're going to have this year...

Newfolk began the day at noon... Sure, just go on out there and give it your all.. Oh, i forgot, do it in 105 degree temperature... I only heard about 50% of all the performers, and i'm not one for super concentration, so i can't really do a good job judging.. But the PERFORMANCES (AND PERFORMANCE DOESN'T COUNT IN THIS CONTEST) that jumped out at me over the two days of new folk were Scott Carter, Eric Gerber, Richard Berman, and Stephanie Corby. With Patty Casey and Joey Errigo close behind..

In hindsight, and certainly not to take anything away from this years group of finalists, i think last year's (1999) group will be remembered as one of the strongest lineup's they've had in MANY years.

Terri Allard hosted the ballad tree. The crowd almost matched the size of the Friday crowd, and that's with competition from the children's concert.

The evening's mainstage began with Suzanne Buirgy. Remember that name, and if you have a house concert series in your area, just book her. Do not pass go, Do not collect $200, just book her... Better yet, go grab her CD. She's got a new CD in the works, but, take this opportunity and support this tremendous talent and this stage in her career. I cannot tell you how blown away i am whenever i hear this lady.. I would put her right up there near the top of my list of people i have been completely blown away by at kerrville over all the years i've been coming.,

Suzanne was followed by an excellent performance from Bob Franke. I skipped Elize Gilkyson to get some bread out of the oven, and the when i returned, Rod Kennedy was making an announcement to the audience, and the world wide web, that heavy weather was coming in, and we should batten down the hatches for at least 2 hours. I secured the RV, and headed down to Camp Coho. I prefer to be on low ground for lightning storms. That end of the camp never know that they restarted the mainstage about 2.5 hours later. It was still raining. When i went up to the RV to sleep (about 1:30), i heard Jimmy LaFave finishing up on mainstage. So, i'm sorry to say, i missed most of mainstage that night. The tent was soaked. (it's an awful tent, gotta get a new one tuesday over the net.)

I'll say this about folk singers and rainstorms.. Charades at Kerrville (under the tent at singkerrnicity) is not as good as music (under the tent at singkerrnicity) at kerrville..

Peace and love to all..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn