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Day 5 - K2K

(Wed, 31 May 2000)

The ballad tree session was hosted by johnsmith. The crowd was down somewhat from the previous 2 days as the ranch starts to clear from the memorial day masses. It's impossible for this little mind to keep track of ballad tree activites. Just suffice it to say, that there were a number of excellent performances, and some others, while not reaching that professional level, were just as touching.

One of our list members, Bill emerson, performed in front of an audience for the first time in almost 30 years. His song was about what kerrville has given to him since he started coming 2(?) years ago.

Laurie (?) a Kerrvirgin from new york, was so nervous, you could see her hands shaking if you looked closely, but her (rare uplifting) love song (as opposed to most of her depressing love songs) was so beautiful, and so sensual, you looked right past the nervousness into the beauty of the song and the lady. I think she's started breathing again by now... She was surprised at her nervousness... "I've never been nervous at a gig before, why now??"

Bill nash gave the right introduction to the correct song this time...

Daniel Bowling gave his last performance of the festival before heading back home to Albuquerque. Safe home dan..

Mainstage opened with a beaming Thom Rayne... His smile and glee at being up there shined all the way back to the vendor booths..

The bixby's were their usual, over the top selves, including a cover/parody/interpretation of a christine aquilera tune, Genie in a bottle.. (what's to interpret??)

The highlight of the night was another wonderful set from johnsmith, accompanied by Don Porterfield, Joe Ebil, Kristin DeWitt, (the over/under on Kristin's number of mainstage appearances this year is 8), and john's daughter Elisi.

Unfortunately, my massage disappeared into the night, as barbara dieckman (sp?) , the massage goddess, had to leave for austin earlier than she had planned.

The campfires were cooking, but they begin to blur at this stage in the exhaustion.. I'll try to do more better rememberin'..

Special mention needs to be made about Annie Wenz, who was seen guiding her Kerrvirgin sister around the vendor booths... I had never seen her in "tourist mode" before this. It seems Annie is more the "No, i'm not" or "No i didn't" sister side of this equation, while her sister (Mary?) plays the part of the "Yes you are!!" or "Yes you did" sister.. The term "bite me" or even "bite us" also seemed to come up frequently in their conversations...

It seems it doesn't matter WHERE Stephanie Corby is singing, i can hear her in my tent while i'm falling asleep.. Last night i think she was doing the main men's room gig up above the big meadow, and her voice was coming through loud and clear down by Coho...

That's it for now...

Peace and love to all..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn