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Days 6/7/8 - K2K

(Fri, 02 Jun 2000)

Don't know what happened to day 6... One minute it was here... the next minute, it was gone..

Sundown concerts at the threadgill theatre began tuesday night. On wednesday, whatever spirit or energy might have been missing from the ranch, were found in the person and spirit of Peter Yarrow.. I often say that when you get to the ranch, you can just hold out your arms and let the ranch wash it's energy and spirit wash over you. I've come to the conclusion after seeing peter tongiht, that the ranch gets some of it's energy from Peter.

Peter's birthday concert was warm, filling, whole.. From the spontaneous happy birthday when peter came on stage, to the stage with no room at the end, there was joy and love racing around threadgill.. Even with the song "don't laugh at me", there was postive energy in the serious recognition of the issue of peer abuse and the potential impact that this song brings to the table..

Wandering the campfires last night (Day 7) after the show finished, Jack motley's camp invited me to stay for dinner.. Steak no less!!.. Sometimes, there's a lot of serrindipity going around and around this place.. The night before, i was invited to share a delicious chicken/broccli/rice dinner at camp coho. Singkerrnicity invited me for a pasta dinner on dance night... It is very special to be invited into a camp for dinner and to have the camp participants request that you share their camp with them for a time.. Jack, please feel free to let me know in advance any time you have steak again.. <gg>

It was dance band night at singkerrnicity, the winner of the will the real andy gibb please stand up contest is none other than Eric Schwartz, making quite an impression on a lot of people...

On another note, when i spoke about not enough politics the other day, i meant politics in the music; i.e. political music... NOT politics in any other sense..

Sitting here in Camp Coho at 11:43, listening to Ann Zimmerman as she interrupts my train of thought... Sometimes, the music just refuses to stay in the background.. "Who'da ever thought i'd fall for a cowboy"

The second thursday is such a magical night, as the energy in the ranch grows exponentially, and people coming for the second weekend, or the last 11 days, flow into the ranch. Amongst those arriving today; Kevin So, Jack WIlliams, and lots of faces that bring a smile to mine when i see them sitting down at threadgill and the recognition of the face creeps into my mind as i realize that this is someone who answers the question: "I wonder if what's his/her name will be back this year" (no sarcasm intended)

Mike williams and Daryl Purpose put on a great show at threadgill tonight... Mike was especially in rare form... He did a great poem while replacing a string on his guitar... The title was (i think) "and she did".. I've got to get him to do that again for me..

Late last night, when annie wenz was introducing me as the breadman at singkerrnicity, someone called out that my reports on the first 4 days had helped them survive until they got here... Wow, validation and responsibility all at the same time...

For those of you out there, who have never been here, please remember that i'm relating my individual experience here, i don't come across 97% of the festival. i'm only relating the 2% or so of the festival i actually touch..

Peace & love to all out there.. I'm electronically outta here, and gonna be a hell of a lot less single this weekend...

Here's to an ethereal weekend for each and every one of you... Please stop me and say hello if we cross paths in person..

Peace and love to all..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn