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Day 9 - K2K

(Mon, 05 Jun 2000)

A great big kerrello too all of you out there... My aplogies for falling down on the job these past couple of days, but i was somewhat pre-occupied with being a little less single...

What a great day and night of music and family..

Kevin So hosted the ballad tree.. As he was a few minutes late in arriving, someone contributed paper, someone a pen, and names were gathered and put into a hat... So, by the time kevin got there, we had a head start on the administrative trivia...

The ballad tree has been getting a big crowd this year, and this weekend was no exception. Only about half the names that were put in actually got to play within the allotted time.. Here's hoping that someone with more than 3 unfried brain cells can remember who played..

The second weekend has always been my favorite weekend of the festival The people who came for the first two weekends are still there, and the people who came for the last 2 weekends have arrived.. The ranch has almost as many people as the memorial day weekend, but the atmosphere is much more familial and mellow.

The mainstage music was exceptional all night... from Jack williams starting it off, through the austin lounge lizards finishing it up...

Jack was really on his game this night. All his energy and brilliance were in full force. Friday had sporadic rains throughout the day and night, but the skies were dry for jack's performance..

The energy actually got racheted up by the next performer, terri hendrix, and Shake RUssel * Dana Cooper were better then i ever remembered them being. Cliff eberhardt was superb as always, and the only disappointing aspect of his show was he didn't do his "nursing home routine".. But, you can only do so much in 40 minutes, and i don't know where you could even think of squeezing it in with all the other quality music he played.

The night was finished off with wonderful performances by Tish Hinojosa and Trout fishing in america.

Campfires were a little strange this night, as many kerrverts called it an early night so they could be alive at 9am sat morn for Buddy Mondlock's and carol Elliott's (sp?) wedding. It was a beautiful affair, and the first time i had seen formal attire on the ranch since the ehlos (? from california) performance of a couple of years ago.. Only their formal attire was nun's outfits.

chapel hill had chairs, tables with food, people in dresses, definitely a change from the festival below. golf carts were used to assist some of the more senior attendees of the wedding party. The honeymoon trailer (named graceland for the honeyperiod), was set-up on the road between camp forkintheroad and campCoho.

Great campfires were, however the order of the night, as sinkerrnicity, cuisine stupid, mens bathroom gig, and a number of others that were roaring.

I was occupied this night by my responsibilities as a tour guide, helping a close kerrvirgin friend lose her kerrvirginity. (I'm sure her virginramblings will be coming across the ether shortly) The night ended for me at about 5:15 or so, when i made it back to my tent about 5 minutes before the heaviest thunder/rainstorm of the night helped put a beautiful very noisy finish on a magnificent, magical night on the ranch.

Peace and love to all..

Coming to you direct from the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn