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(Thursday morning, April 27th) As i make my annual tumble down the sanity slope towards the abyss, the realization that heaven is only a few weeks away (landrush is 3 weeks from saturday) gives me the strength to persevere, until i again become a resident of kerrville for a month. This is the same battle i fight every year... Which will arrive first ?? my loss of sanity; or my return to kerrville.. So far, kerrville usually wins (however, there are some who would disagree)..

Labor Day -> memorial day is too long a period for anyone to be away from the ranch..

We've had a number of new people join the email list in the past couple of weeks. I'd like to encourage all of you to spread the word to all your kerrfriends to join us here before we all begin our journeys.

My plans are to be in the RV park (space 26), with a tent hidden somewhere out there for those times i want to go to sleep with the sounds of Jack hardy floating in from camp coho, or any of the wonderful voices from camp nashville gracing my journey to slumberland..

This year, i'll be able to work from the RV during the day (mon-Fri), no more hotel rooms for me.. If any of you have any website or internet questions or issues, i'll be glad to discuss them with you.. Just stop by..

Fresh bread will be forthcoming on a regular basis from the rv, so y'all stop by for a little nibble whenever you'd like..

The kerrville ramblings website will be updated daily right from space 26 this year, and i hope to be able to provide "during the festival" pictures for those of you who are not able to make the trip this year, or who just haven't physically gotten there yet. So, if you have a digital camera, download some of those pictures into my computer, & we'll get them uploaded during the festival. If any of you would like to add your thoughts to the ramblings website, just email them to me, and we'll get them out there..

I encourage all of you to feel free and share your kerrplans with the rest of us..

Love to all..

Brian "Breadman" Wolfsohn