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Kerrville Folk Festival - Week 2 by Bill Nash
2002 Reports
May 23rd - June 9th



Well, we started with John Walker from Ft Worth at the Ballad Tree and some pretty surprising songs (as usual)... John's a good friend and a pretty darn good writer! Ballad Tree was hot as could be on this poor bald pate of mine, but the wind blew a little and the sunscreen helped immensely!

Madcat and Kane started off the sunstroke set with some of the most amazing harmonica and blues you've heard... this guy can play a chromatic scale on a C harp (unheard of!) and his partner continually got in the groove with him, it was sweet! Then Ronny Cox came out with Jack Williams, Glen Okamoto, and Paul Pearcy and played some of his favorites. Peter Yarrow's birthday gig was next, with a cast of 1000s on stage with him, going through most of his favorites, too... some incredible moving moments in that set! Cosy Sheridan and TR came out next and I've not heard Cosy in better voice/humor in all the many years I've known her... several people asked me about this girl with the voice! David Wilcox was next and treated many of his email listers (including 3 in my camp most of the weekend) to a rousing good set, and then the evening closed out with another fine TPR set, of which Chris (the sound guy) told me beefore the show, "Tom's going easy on us this time, only 11 inputs to the board...". Lots of fine people sang/ played/percussed with him including Kristin DeWitt, Amelia Spicer, Chris Rosser, Freebow, and a cast of several more... always a fine show he puts on!

Then for me it was off to Camp NashBill and a fine circle that went to about 4 PM... sorry, names evade me in the dark!

Saturday afternoon Bill Ward, Karen Abrahams and Michael Fracasso put on a rousing Threadgill show which I saw the first hour of before my body said "lie down at your camp for an hour or pass out here" and I heeded and headed back to NashBill. At 3 o'clock I met my dear friend Cindy up at Ballad Tree where one guy played a bald guy song which had a break in it where Bill Nash himself took a bald dance... I couldn't control myself! The whole tree was the finest one Cindy had ever seen and she made sure we all knew it!

This night's shows started with Cindy in the sunstroke set with her fine dysfunctional songs... she makes me cry more than most, I relate! Next was the most rousing set by Clandestine (the best I've heard from them, and that's saying a lot!) with Jen and Emily and the boys cooking! Jen Hamel could sing the phone book and I'd be there! :) Next was the children songs of Peter Alsop and a guest story by Gayle Ross which was very moving. Then it got hot... Stacy earle and Mark stuart showed their true magical colors and blew the crowd into a frenzy! Ellis Paul then took command, the way only he can do, and put on his normally magical set (BTW, I just got "Sweet Mistakes" on CD, check it out ["the 20th century's over" is worth the price!]). Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines came out and ran their magic abilities over the crowd and just about made the dance area not passable by this poor limping photographer, but I persisted and got show great shots!

My circle that night didn't get going right away, as Nashville was really cooking with the finest camp of the night featuring TPR, Chris Rosser, Ellis Paul, Freebo, Kristin, Richard Berman, and the like! At one point, I left to go to latrine and ran into my friend Chris Moore and John and Diana Jo Burleson coming over to my camp, I finished my business and rushed back to sit with them, then we were joined by a young blond lady who's name was never given to me (country-like) and we went on until Steve Brooks, Kerry Grombacher and Jenny Mansfield came by and we went till about 4:30 AM (my head nodded a few times, but I stuck it out!)... a slice of heaven there!!

The Sunday morning NewFolk concert was very special, with the most notable moment for me being when I realized that each of the 6 people had totally unique styles, with my favorite (and the crowds too) being Annie Gallup in her inimittable style! There were no slouches, everybody was very entertaining. My friend Bill Ward's Ballad Tree was beyond reproach with exactly the right amount of singers up there... we ended about 2 minutes to 5 PM!

I then went down to Coho to have some of TPR's world famous hot and spicy (which Vance mentioned in his set) and got to spend a little time talking to Mare Lennon and swapping CDs with, my fellow award winner in Utah this spring for the Cheryl Wheeler workshop I had to miss with a splitting 3 week headache after a fall I had at work 3 days before (Damned MS, I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!), then to the car and back to the plane and back to dallas for 4 days... see all y'all Friday!

-- Bill
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