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Kerrville Folk Festival 2002 - Day 16 Mainstage Plus
2002 Reports
May 23rd - June 9th



A real nice friday night line-up, with eric schwartz getting his mainstage premier. To say Eric was flying, would not do justice to the energy he brought to the stage.. And this in the opening sunstroke set. During varios songs, eric was joined by Stephanie Corby, Jana Mara(?), Kevin So, Jack Williams, and Ellen Bukstel (there's that name again <g>).. He not only played some great tunes, he also gave us some real short snippets from the songs he was not going to do on mainstage, but was going to do later that night at the first annual "too Hot for Mainstage" later that night at threadgill..

Michael Smith was his usual funny, self-effacing self. Lorin Rowan and Groovelily gave energetic performances to finish off the mainstage night, and then it was out to the campgrounds, and over to threadgill for the late show.. Eric Shwartz, Dan Pelletiere(sp), Adam & Kris, Ann Feeney And Chris Chandler, and lots of fire tossing and twirling set the stage for eric to bring down the unamplified house.. One of the most enjoyable sights of the show was watching Adam From Adam and Kris see Eric's material for the first time.. I thought he was going to fall out of his chair on numerous occasions.. Great show which finished up a little after 3AM. Since Ellen & I had our houseconcert seminar to run in the morning, we had to cut short our campground hopping for the night, and try and get some sleep.. (Well, i tried to get some sleep, but SOMEONE had other ideas!!)...

We may not be here for all 18 days this year, but each of the days we are here are still so special, it's hard to share the wonderment with those who haven't lost their kerrvirginity..

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