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Kerrville Folk Festival 2002 Days 15 - 18 Part 1
2002 Reports
May 23rd - June 9th



It's 12:30 AM Day 17. Mainstage is ending w/ trout fishing in america, & I'm sitting here, at the foot of chapel hill, across the road from Camp Coho, at our camp, "Camp Jews don't Camp". It's still a warm night, and bread has been delivered to nashville, nashbill, calm, and some others. The tree frogs are in full voice, as they have been for the entire time since we returned to the ranch on thursday. A delighful breeze just wafted through our front porch, and if all isn't well in our little corner of the world, it's weller than most anywhere else one could hope to be.

It's a very dark night tonight, and i think i saw tom noe out on the road near nashville staring out into the sky with either one of his smaller telescopes, or a pair of tripod mounted binoculars.

This is the first time during this festival i've brought the laptop down to the lower meadow to write the ramblings, and it's long overdue.. As in previous years, once again, I wish i had done it for the first weekend we were here..

There were some nice Mainstage performances tongiht.. Dan Pelletiere (sp?) was absolutely great in the sunstroke set, and I thoroughly enjoyed tom russel. Patty larkin was excellent, but i couldn't relate to her current style as much as i did in previous years... The evening finished up with Trout Fishing in America, and even though i didn't stay at mainstage, having to deal with bread coming out and going into the ovens, i could hear their energy all the way down at camp coho. Mainstagers are starting to straggle back to their campsites for what promises to be a wonderful evening of family, and music, as this festival begins to wind down... David lamotte left tonight, and, unfortunately, I have a better understanding of what it's like to leave before the festival ends. Safe travels, david.. Hope to see you this winter..

In one way, this year is no different than previous years:

It's completely different, as each year has been different.. Tonight, i stopped in to some camps i haven't had a chance to visit with. When one does a festival with someone, some activities occupy more time, and some others, have to occupy less, as we are still stuck with only having the same damn 24 hours in a day, and darn, if we don't have to spend at least a couple of them sleeping.. and a little of the rest washing, showering, etc..

The is corner of the lower meadow seems to be busier than in previous years.. There's more tent, and more new groups of people, and there seem to be more cars in all parts of the campgrounds, despite the increase to $20 per day to keep your car in the campgrounds.. Michael terry and woody just got back from mainstage, and camp coho should be waking up gor the night shortly.. Camp xxx (name changed to protect the not so innocent) is back in force, and if form holds true, the same song will be sung loudly for the next 4 - 5 hours.. It almost sounds amplified, but, it's a small price to pay for being in heaven..

It's 5:30... We're headed to sleep... More tomorrow..

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