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Kerrville Folk Festival 2002 Day 18 Mainstage
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May 23rd - June 9th



Here 'tis unedited... but i'm goin' backto mainstage for the last few minutes of allan damron and the Heal in the wisdom finale..

Day 18 - Coming direct from the back of the mainstage audience area. Sitting on one of the tables in front of the bluebell ice cream booth.

The Burns sisters are on mainstage. Ray Wylie Hubbard finished up about 25 minutes ago. Bobby Bridger started the evening.

Jack Williams & Judy Smith send their love to everyone in Broward (and Dade) on both sides of the political spectrum.. (Jack is a registered folk independent)

To Pat and Kathy Day, Jack's song waterbug is on a compilation disc that comes with every porsche equiped with a Bose sound system. So trade the house sound system in for that porsche.

Cutest line from last night; Ellen comes out of one of the ladies bathroom stalls (the deluxe verison, i'm sure), and says:

"I'm just not going to use that stall anymore".. Unfortunately, i can't capture the tone in her voice, but i'll be glad to relate it to y'all in person when we see you..

Singing right now: Burns sisters: No More Silence.. What harmony, peace and power in this song.

Lots of people walking around saying goodbyes, lots of hug energy running around in the crowd.. And lots of pens wrting phone numbers and email addresses down on little slips of paper. Remember: "A lousy day in Kerrville is still better than 320 others you're going to have this year" (tm)

Lots of political activity at the ranch this year. The shareholders meeting yesterday had moments of less than kerrvillian spirit running amuk. It looks like the next step in the process will be a review of the books by an independent party to determine the state of the finances round these parts.. A significant majority of the shareholders have made a motion to increase the number of board members from 2 to 9, and 21 names were nominated for the election, which will hopefully take place sometime in the near future. Here's hoping that through whatever processes take place over the next few months, peace and satisfaction can be found by all parties involved.

Right now: Standing ovation for the burns sisters, and an encore upcoming..

We packed up camp today. It doesn't feel like the other day 18's i've experienced, since we were off the ranch for the middle 9 days. But, it's still a day 18.. and many of the camps have been packed up... The Singkerrnicity tent is gone, most of Camp Coho is in storage, many friends have alreaqyd left, or are hitting the road tonight, and Ellen & I are leaving about 3AM for a 6AM flight from San Antonio back to Fort Lauuderdale, and the real world, house closings, and other stuff we're just not going to think about until we hit the road early this morning..

Last night, (Sat, Day 18) There were lots of people walking around looking for music, but there was little music to be found in the lower meadow. Over the past few years, campground music has seemed to be in short supply during the last weekend.... About 3AM we headed up to the main bathroom area, and there was very little music there also... But, no matter where you turn, there are always friends.. Austin Kessler, Lisa Fancher, and friends invited us into camp Kantigree for awhile, before we stumbled out of there about 5AM, steve brooks also stumbled into the camp and added to the musical energy. This was a typical example of sharing some real nice music among friends in what had to be one of the most quiet nights around the main bathrooms for the entire festival... Rumor had it that one Laura Devine was in the process of losing her kerrvirginity somewhere in the immediate neighborhood... Confirmation is not yet forthcoming <gg> oops.. Confirmation just arrived.. (The source, however, shall remain nameless)

Last night, going to sleep around 5:30, earplugs were the order of the night, and we actually managed to sleep until about noon, despite the neightbors who were packing up their camp, along with their 3 under 5 year old children....

Right now, Jimmy Lafave is rocking the house.. We're sitting all the way back by the vendors, and the sound company is bringing clear, clean sound all the way back here... Big change from 4 or 5 years ago..

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