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Kerrville 2002 Pre-Festival Report
2002 Reports
May 23rd - June 9th


Kerrville 2002 - A.K.A. There's hardly enough room for my main course..

This is the first in an irregular series of reports about the 2002 Kerrville Folk Festival and this reporter's ethereal journey through parts of it..  My reports are as much a stream of consciousness as anything.. I welcome others to add their reports reviews and comments of the festival.  We'll be glad to put them out to the world on the ramblings website.  This is also the website where you can read all the reports from this and previous year's festivals:  http://www.itcanbethiswayalways.com


We've been running on empty so long, it's been a struggle to remember how wonderfully the ranch can fill you back up...

It's been a calm, quiet year... NOT!!!

Ellen's house is sold..  We have a contract on a new house..  Both closings are on July 1st.  My house goes on the market next week...  Packing.. Moving.. Appraisals...  Inspections..  Mortgage financing...  Insurance...  Contractors.. Architects... Engineers.... Septic Tanks... Garages...  Drywall!!  Concrete!!  Tile!!  Barns!!  Lions and tigers and bears!!  My cup overfloweth somewhere backeth around appraisals...

I haven't let myself think much about the festival...  Too much going on around here...  But i can't wait to get there, and take my first deep breath of that wonderful energy..  The RV is being delivered Wednesday... My campsite's been staked out (thanks charles & Co.)...  Ellen's been trying not to get nervous about her New Folk Performance on Sunday..  I'm only partially done packing..  Whoops.. Forgot towels and sheets...  That won't do..

This is the first year i've got a major vested interest in the New Folk Competition..  My partner Ellen Bukstel was selected as a finalist...  Nobody even knew she had submitted an entry.. I can remember reading the list of finalists, and when i got to day 2, i didn't even look at the names...  I just read down the states columns... Oh look, someone from Florida i thought to myself... With my eyes slowly moving to the left, i said WOW miami even..  Then finally: HOLY SHIT!! IT'S ELLEN..  Surprised doesn't even begin to describe it...  With tears in my eyes, i called to tell her (cuz she probably hadn't read her email yet), only to find she was JUST reading the same email as me...  I could hear her over the phone:  On my god... Oh my god...  Oh my god...  It was too early in the afternooon for sex, so i knew she must be reading the list of finalists...

Less than 1 day before we leave.. (Wed morning 6AM plane)..  Lots of packing, arranging, and stress before we make it out the door...  Looking forward to 6 days of heaven at the start of the festival..  With all the house stuff, we're not going to be able to stay for the entire 18 days..  First time in many years i won't be there for the whole thing..

That's it for the pre-festival report..

Even though we're going to be there just 50% of the festival, it should be even more special this year spending time in one of the most uplifting emotional environments with someone you love...

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Kerrville 2002: Catch me at RV space 26


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