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May 22nd - June 8th
















Next 2 Weeks in Heaven


We're almost packed...

We're more than ready...

It's been too long away from home...

Ellen & I leave early (5:30!) tomorrow morning for our annual sojourn to The Quiet Valley Ranch, the home of the Kerrville Folk Festival.

This year, we're only going to be able to spend 12 days there, and will have to miss the last week... But, since a lousy day in Kerrville is still better than any of the other 350 day's you'll have that year, 12 days isn't too shabby...

For those of you who have gone is previous years and can't make it this year, we'll try and bring as much of the festival spirit home with us to share with you soon after our return..

For those of you planning on going next year, just drool your way through this year's reports, and let them add to your conviction to spend next year at kerrville with us..

You may also be able to listen to the music from the festival. For the latest information, go to

I hope to be sending back regular reports from the festival. To read them, sign onto the kerrchat email list at

you can also catch up on archived messages at:


In our absence, during the next couple of weeks, go to a concert (or 3), open mic, or other performance, give someone a hug, bring some food to share, bring a couple of friends, spread the energy around, and most of all, enjoy the music..

I know we will..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn

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