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Pre-fest Through Day 1 Ramblings


Thursday Night/Friday Morning 1:02AM

I'm sitting at Camp Jews Don't Camp, across the road from Camp Coho. I can hear Ellen B. singing menopause from camp nashville.. She, Stephanie Corby, Rachel Bissex and Kristen DeWitt are filling the nashville circle tonight... Out of my other ear, i can hear bill nash pickin' away at camp Nashbill.. Stephanie said she was going to sleep 30 minutes ago, but the voice i'm hearing out of both ears says otherwise..

Freinds and family have been arriving non-stop for the past 2 days, and the ranch and it's accompanying energy has been rising like the heat on a typical texas day..

Michael McNevin is walking by looking for his fanny pack, flashlight and beer...

It's hard to remember more perfect weather for the first 2 days on-site... Both days were mostly cloudy, and wednesday was actually a bit (only a bit) chilly... The night required a blanket, and it was certainly "putting up the tent and campsite" weather.. not too hot, not too cold.. The only rain was a short shower about 20 minutes after we finished putting up the rain tarp..

Camp Coho is back in business with a wider and longer tarp to replace the one badly damaged in a storm last year.. (They must've answered one of those internet spam emails about longer and wider!!) Andrew Calhoun and Heidi Mueller are holding down the fort, awaiting other arrivals.. Thursday morning, Ellen & I were awakened by the beautiful sounds of Gary Martin's new accordion (now a 7 month old relationship) A joyful way to wake up indeed...

Today's opening ballad tree was hosted by John Flynn.. Performers included one gentleman who last was at kerrville 12 years ago. When he played the ballad tree then, he changed key in the middle of his song... NOT TODAY, as he accomplished his main goal, of finishing in the same key as he started..

Among the highlights of today's ballad tree was a song from someone named Jay ___________ (fill-in the blank before the end of the festival).. He wrote a song about a past relationship of his where the only thing they had in common was... well, it wasn't intellectual.. (or, as Eric Shwartz often says first thing in the morning, SHE WAS VERY INTELLIGENT).. The line was: "When i scratched the surface, all i found was more surface".. I thought to myself: "He must know some of my old acquaintances".. The song's not on CD, but we hope to bring it back on with us on minidisc..

It's 1:24, and Stephanie is still not sleeping and in fine form... As a matter of fact, no one within 100 feet of her is sleeping either.. (that's a good thing)..

Tonight's main stage opened with Brian Joseph, who's coming to an Ozzie near you.. Very interesting, and enjoyable.. He played one tune arranged for a ukelele and tuba, and on the tuba was none other than Freebo... Ozzie, I think you'll be sold out and oversold for this one...

Actually, tonight's mainstage opened with Dalis Allen, in her first extended appearance on mainstage, and her first as producer of the Kerville Folk Festival. She was greeted with rousing applause, and brought her own unique style to the mic. Looks like she'll do fine...

Other highlights of the evening were Sara Lee Guthrie (Arlo's daughter) and her husband (insert name here), and the Mammals (with Pete Seeger's grandson) finished up the night.. Good stuff all...

All in all, it's a pretty quiet night, considering it's the first weekend.. Singkerrnicity has some players going (including Stephen Taylor), and i'm sure there's lot's of activity on the ranch up out of the lower meadow, but, one can't be everywhere...

It's 1:36, and stephanie is still not sleeping...

but i am...



P.S. Seth and his new yellow convertible bug (it's for sale) have arrived.. and lastly, it's 2:35 and Stephanie is still going strong..

Feel free to forward this on to others out there in the great unwashed..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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