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May 22nd - June 8th
















Day 4 Morning


I'm still immersed in the wonder of last night's show..

Some light showers helped keep the morning cool and let us sleep 'til afternoon..

This is a good thing...

Do you know mockingbirds start singing around 6AM in the lower meadow just as the first shades of gray start to lighten the night sky over the mountain to the east..

I sat on the porch at camp jews don't camp, and watched as late nighters camp sliding down (or crawling up as the case may be) the chapel hill trail..

Many thanks to those of you who have replied with encouraging words to the ramblings.. It makes it easier to keep typing at 4AM, knowing some of you are awaiting breakfast with the ranch.. While the reports won't be daily, i will try and get them out on a somewhat regular basis for the 11 days we're going to be here...

For those who have asked, Seth's "new" yellow convertible bug is only new for him... It's an original bug, not a new retro...

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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