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K'ville 2003 Day 6 and 7 Ramblings


As comparatively peaceful as the first weekend has been, it's good that it's over, and we can move on with being with family. As many leave for the week, friends and family stay.

Tuesday was the first of this year's threadgill sundown concerts. I've always enjoyed threadgill.. it's so much more intimate and friendly than mainstage.. Sitting in the first row of the balcony, i have a direct line to the stage, can look over the people sitting below, and can see who is arriving at the ranch that day..

Tuesday's concert was Mike Williams, Michael McNevin, and stephanie urbina jones. Surprisingly lightly attended (about 40-50% capacity), mike williams generated laughs and applause throughout his performance. McNevin likewise. The threadgill format this year seems to be 3 performers, 20 minute sets, then all 3 in the round.. Tonight, i wanted to hear more of McNevin and williams.. For me, 2 performers for a threadgill show in this format would about right...

I like that they've eliminated the break, and given us more music instead.. I've always loved the sound from the first row balcony. This year, while I can hear the performers at their higher volumes, some of the quieter segments are not getting through.. In addition, it's very difficult to hear Dalis. I don't know how the volume is from other sections of the theater, but if it doesn't get too loud closer in, i'd like more volume up top..

Other then the volume, the sound is superb. Same with mainstage.. The sound company they brought in a few years ago (Jacobs Audio) is top notch.. Spectacular sound, both as to volume and clarity... Great work Chris..

Tuesday night was chilly, not too bad at all, but chilly.. What wonderful weather.. Many campfires throughout the lower meadow..

Wednesday night's threadgill concert was johnsmith, diane ziegler and jack williams. Freebo took up his now permanent seat on whatever stage happens to be having music.. So far this year, he has surpassed Kristin DeWitt as the most frequent stage face on the ranch

Attendance was better tonight (about 80-85%). After 6 days i've drawn a couple of conclusions, These are my personal opinion only, and opinions are like ... well, you get the idea..

While all 3 performers tonight were wonderful, the energy around threadgill was somewhat lower than i expected, given the performers. Perhaps it's my energy which is a little lower..

It looks like general attendance is down somewhat.... Normal threadgill audiences seem to have been larger in previous years.. Houseconcerts in many parts of the country are having attendance issues, and i wonder if the same can be happening here..


Wednesday campfires (burning ban) were all around... Jack Hardy arrived at the ranch... He pitched his new song to Steve Gillette wondering if "sleeping with the Devil" would go over well in Nashville.. NOT! There was a definite chill in the air tonight, as everyone scrambled to find those packed away cold-weather garments... they all got pulled out tonight.. It could have gotten colder, and has in the past here, but there wouldn't have been many more clothes to pile on.. Camp Coho was in full swing with a large, eclectic mix.. Steve Gillette and Ronny Cox played a great duet on Steve song about Gamble Rodgers.. I had the unique listening point of sitting between and just behind the two of them... The stereo effect of their 2 guitars and Steve's beautiful rendition was the best i've ever heard the song done.. Wendy Waldman joined the crowd and lost her kerrvirginity..

Many campfires broke up early due to people leaving to put on more clothes, or to just bundle up under the covers.. Around 2AM, TomPR, Carrie Odom and Daryl purpose arrived at our front porch.. What a delight.. Soon, the front porch was filled with music and players as Kevin Faherty, Butch Morgan, Richard Berman, Eric _________, John N from Cureville, Rachel Bissex, Steve Brooks, and ________ and _____ all squeezed in and filled up all the chairs, stools, and coolers we had available... What a wonderful couple of hours... It was 4AM before the group broke up.. Highlights include (but were certainly not limited to) Daryl and Kevin trading licks and verses on Kevin's Singer Songwriter Heaven, TomPR and Carrie doing a couple of beautiful love (lust is more like it!) songs, and EllenB singing her new love song to me (insert blush here). All the song's she written to me will be on an upcoming CD entitled "I Told You Not To Piss Me Off".. Look for it at a Borders near you <gg>.. It's certainly a joy to be sitting and listening while great music and fresh bread is floating around your own porch...

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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