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K'ville 2003 Day 8 Ramblings


The second Thursday of the festival has always been among my favorite days..
When i first started coming to kerrville, and hadn't yet set-up my year to
commit to the full 18 days, i came for the last 11 days... This brought me
to the ranch on the second thursday.. So, all those who are coming for the
long weekend, or the last 11 days are arriving today. Jamie Anderson got to
the ranch today.. So did Charlie Stewart.. I saw kendall and Fiona today for
the first time also.. But, they've been here since the beginning.... It's a
big ranch, & i know there have been times when i've gone the entire festival,
and not crossed paths with friends who've also been here for the 18 days..

Thanks to all of you for your notes about the ramblings... It's 1:20AM, & I'm
sitting at Camp Jews Don't Camp, writing tonight's edition.. I just cooked up
4 ears of corn up in the RV microwave, & Ellen & I will chow down, once she
gets back to camp... Those Keep Hot/cool bags you can get at the supermarket
work great... last night, the corn was too hot to hold after sitting in one
of those bags for over 30 minutes.. (I know product liability is a big thing
now, but what idiot thought it was necessary to print on the bag :"Do not
store hot and cold items at the same time: ?? Now i'll probably get sued by
THAT idiot..<gg>)

Tonight's threadgill was 2.5 acts.. The first was poet Sam Skeist. Very
well received, it's an effort on the part of the festival to be supportive
of poets just as they are to singer-songwriters.. Nice stuff, and an encore
to boot... He said he never got an encore before, so he didn't know how he
felt, but he hoped he got used to it in the future..

The last performers were the road dog divas.. 3 extra-ordinary ladies, each
a wonderful talent on their own.. I've always had the highest regard for
laura freeman since i saw her performing with chris chandler about 5 years
ago.. She remains the only partner of chris's that could outdo him in
performance art.. He'd finish his piece with a "top this" attitude, and laura
would then TOP IT!!.. But that was a long time ago.. Unfortunately, i
couldn't stay for the entire set, as bread was a bakin' and a finishin' up at
the RV..

The evening's second act was the highlight of the night, as they have been
highlights of many of my nights at kerrville... Chris Chandler and Anne
Feeney were, for the FIRST TIME, officially playing at the Kerrville Folk
Festival. Their performance STARTED OFF with a standing ovation.. A long
overdue standing ovation for what the two of them have brought to the
festival since they both first arrived in 1989.. In music, political
statements and guidance of the spirit, they are truly moving in the head of
the wave.. Mike Williams said later that night he thought there were 7
standing ovations.. I didn't count.. I just kept applauding, and enjoying..

Campfires have been a little light down in the lower meadow tonight.. Coho
was going earlier, but it's gone dark.. I can hear nashville going, and there
were quite a few circles i saw going up and back from the RV to get more
bread out of the ovens.. Ronny Cox had a nice gathering in his RV.. I saw
Jack Williams, Eric Schwartx, Freebo, Richard Berman, and i think johnsmith
all pickin' away next (RV) door..

For those of you who post to kerrchat, saying hello to various parts of the
ranch, please note, someone else will have to do the message delivery, it's
hard to remember all fo them, and my feet are tired enough already.. Now,
for an exception to that statement, Camp Fork in the Road send best wishes
back to jamie d.

Camp Cuisine was a hot spot tonight, as they opened up "Club 7" for all the
"New Folk Losers".. Lots of great performances including one by my sweetie
EllenB (couldja tell ??<gg>).. Everyone who performed was either a 7th place
or a 33rd place finisher in the new folk competition..

It's a little after 2AM, time to call it a night, and try to rest up and fight off this cold..

Things i fergot to ramble about:

On Wednesday, i came back to the tent to meet Dana Swift who was
showing Ellen some guitar stuff.. He played a song for me "first Kiss".
Strictly an instrumental, each note was crystal clear and about as perfect
as you can get.... When he finished, the only thing i could say was:"Those
sounds are why the guitar was invented".

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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