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K'ville 2003, Days 9 & 10


I've been under the weather for a couple of days and resting up, so i have partaken in only a small amount of the festival's happenings over the past couple of days...

For those of you who fondly remember Vern laying down white lines of lime with his line maker machine, those days are past... Technology has arrived, and now they are using PLASTIC!! tape nailed into the ground to delineate seating from walking area... Vern however, has not lost his job, he's just been assigned other tasks.. (probably 3 dozen or more <gg>) He can still be seen most nights over by the dance pit, alternatively keeping the aisles open, or dancing up a storm, sometimes doing both at the same time!!.

Friday night, i was not feeling well enough to get down to mainstage before the 3rd act of the night.. Peter Yarrow, Paul Stukey, and Bethany Yarrow put on a moving performance, typical of peter's appearances over the years.. Peter's birthday was tonight, and the set ended with a birthday cake being brought out on stage. The highlight of the set was "Don't laugh at me", by steve seskin and alan shamblin; the second time it's been played on mainstage this year..

Ronny Cox, Wendy Waldman Freebo and Jack Williams were next, and Wendy had her introduction to Kerrville.. Nice stuff, with a historical bent to the set, based on wendy's songwriting history.. (you can look it up)

The unquestionable highpoint of the night were the Sherpas, Tom PR, Tim Kimmel, and Michael Lille. Run, do not walk to your nearest cd place and get this album.. Great spirit, great harmony, great stage fun..

I can't speak to the campfires this night, cuz i was out like a light as soon as i got back to the RV.. Just feeling lousy.. Gotta take it easy... don't want it to progress to something worse.. Around 4AM, EllenB came in after playing around at a few places.. After checking on me (was i still alive??), she headed out for some more pickin', and slept down at the tent.. I woke up a little after 9AM, and didn't feel significantly worse.. Hopefully, this will be the last day of feeling bad, and i can back to normal (normal??) soon..

Saturday night promised to be gigantic when we first looked at the schedule months ago.. We had agreed with the rouses to get to the gates 30 minutes before they opened to make the mad dash for our seats.. By the time the mainstage gates opened at 5PM, the line stretched quite a ways down the hill..

Zoe Lewis was wonderful, her usual energetic, funny, and bubbly self.. Great quote read by Dalis: "Zoe is a Band in a Body".. We had Zoe this year at our houseconcert series, and she was great..

Randy Spark and the Minstrels (new christy minstrels?? old christy minstrels ?? a might wind revisited ??) were joined by Barry McGuire of Eve of Destruction fame. They were certainly a nostalgia act, lots of set patter.. If this group was what A mighty wind was trying to use as the basis for their movie, they nailed it..

With the preliminaries over for the evening:

Not having baked any bread for the past 2 days, i was in catch-up mode.. During the minstrel's set, i got back to the RV, got out the 3 loaves that were finishing, put in 3 more loaves and set them to finish after mainstage (about 12:50AM) and got back before Judy Collins began her first Kerrville appearance...

The mainstage area was as packed as i've ever seen it.. People were sitting in chairs almost all the way back to the food booths.. No seats were to be found on the benches.. Dalis introduced peter yarrow, who introduced judy. She was in wonderful voice, received numerous standing ovations, as well as 2 encores. The first encore finished up with amazing grace, and the second with Danny Boy. She told more stories than i'd heard in the previous performances of hers i'd seen.

Ruthie Foster and Cyd Cassone were next... Ruthie's opening included a thank you to Judy Collins for opening for her. The energy level remained pegged at the top as ruthie just tore up the house...

The last act of the evening, The Waybacks, suffered, only in having to be on the same program ad Judy and Ruthie. They were excellent, albeit somewhat uneven, depending on the type of music they were playing.. There just wasn't that much energy left in me.. I can't speak for everyone else, but the dance pit was till full when i left for the RV..

A note: During Judy Collins' performance, they made everyone in the dance pit sit on the ground to allow those people sitting in the left section to actually see the stage.. a very good move...

The campgrounds were electric tonight, but many did not have staying power.. By 2:30, coho was dark, nashville was done, singkerrnicity was very small, but the main bathroom gigs had a couple of hundred people surrounding the Road Dog Divas, among others..

With all the accompanying noise throughout the ranch, as you waled around, you could hear many tent occupants catching up on those things they couldn't do when the campground was quiet..

Thanks to everyone who has written, or better yet, stopped me on the ranch to say "thank you" for the ramblings.. You're all more than welcome..

Notes i screwed up:

Jack Motley's Camp is Camponthis, not Camp Sit-on-it.. And a very nice place it is..

The 3 part harmony during the thunderstorm was coming from Kristen Dewitt's tent, not Rachel Bissex's tent. Not sure what sounds were coming from Rachel's tent!!

Gotta run... Sunday night is started... Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert WOOOO!!!

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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