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K'ville 2003, Days 11 & 12


The second sunday night marks the last night on the ranch for those people who come for the first 11 days of the festival. While the night was full of strong performers, our focus this evening was Ellis Paul and Vance Gilbert.. I haven't seen the two friends on the same bill on the same night, and, since you really never know where vance is going to go anyway, looked forward, hopefully, to a number of surprises.

Vance snuck onto stage during one of Ellis's numbers and joined in to the delight of the crowd..

Vance's set was wonderful, and energetic, as he was joined by ellis paul as well as ruthie foster at various times..

Campfires were in high swing, but, our tickets said we were leaving on a plane at 7AM the next morning.. Luckily, we could ignore that, since i had changed ellen & my reservations the night before.. We've decided the spiritual renewal and fulfillment offered here had a higher priority than those (high priorities) awaiting us back in Fort Lauderdale..

Sunday night went late, and we finally settled in about 4:30...

FYI, texas heat has arrived at the ranch for the last few days. While the nights are still comfortable, the days are in the high 90's.

Monday was a beautiful familial days on the ranch.. Neighbors have gotten to know each other, you can recognize people's outlines as you walk past them in the dark. Camps have settled into their routines, and all-in-all, it's a wonderful time to be on the ranch.. The grass that was so tall, and obstructive 2 weeks ago has been beaten down by traffic, and now clearly defined paths are obvious to the naked eye... No more is it a matter of self-preservation to look where you're walking for the least likely path to contain chiggers. The chigger problem is mostly solved by this point in the festival, as they've all attached themselves to some poor souls by now..

We saw our first scorpion of the year this evening.. luckily it was already dead, just laying there pathetically on our front porch tarp.. the ants were having a feast... It's a good reminder, though, to keep your tents zipped up at all times..

Richard Berman stopped in for a chat on his last night on the ranch.. He's headed home tomorrow.. Dana Swift stopped by to play us some more of his beautiful instrumentals..

During the evening, there was some decidedly un-kerr behavior in the next campsite, as some young'uns tried to make their way through relationships 101. After a couple of hours of unending circular reasoning, and much ado about f**k this and f**k that, things calmed down, and life continued.. Ellen & I decided that it would be a good time to just take some strolls around the lower meadow.

We stopped in to Seth Avant's camp Tranquilo, shared some bread, and ellen played them some tunes.. As ellen began to play, one of the campers said: "Are you the Gimme Gimme Lady ?" I think this nickname's gonna stick!! There are lots of camps with song circle's, but there are just as many with no music, and lots of talk.. Camp Tranquilo is also know this year as "Camp no Answer".. They seem to have hundreds of questions, but i've heard nary an answer there.. I'm sure somewhere in the universe, there are hundred of little elfs working overtime to come up with some answers for Reis the "circle of friends guy" who's selling brass this year.

Hugs to all of you out there who are waiting for the weekend to get back to here..

And more hugs to the rest of you who can't..

For our South Florida Crew, we'll be getting home early sunday evening, and if we can still stand, we plan on heading over to Dave Cambest's to catch the tail end of Rod MacDonald's concert and share some returning hugs with S.F. folkies..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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