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K'ville 2003, Day 13


Bread duties kept me from the first act at tonight's threadgill theatre, but i scheduled the bread activities so i could catch Caroline Aiken's performance in the second slot tonight. Caroline is a wondrous musician, and tonight she was joined on stage by jack williams (who just had cataract surgery 2 days ago), and Freebo.. Great high energy and fun.. Caroline finished her set up with some of her old standards from earlier albums, including "Hail off and kiss me", as well as "Left Wet", performed at the request of numerous attendees who called it out to her in that minisecond she was considering what to play for her "last song"..

It was a relaxing enjoyable evening, and i has 3 loaves of bread ready to come out of the oven at 1AM. The only problem was mother nature got pissed at someone 'round these parts... One of the worst storms i've experienced on the ranch, lasted around 3-4 hours, with winds gusts reported to be up to 70 miles an hour (don't know where the number came from, but seems reasonable for a couple of times during the storm..)

After 30 minutes of the storm, some stakes and tarps started to loosen on our campsite, so i get re-dressed, put on my fouls, and went out during a lull in the rain to make sure we were stable.. After throwing in a few more stakes with bungees for more stability, i noticed a large group having lots of fun over at camp coho.. Making the best of a bad situation i guess.. While some were singing (i didn't hear "dance band on the titanic", but it would have fit), others were hanging on to the canopy for dear life, trying to keep the stakes from pulling out of the ground. Michael terry was running around with his hammer, resetting stakes in whatever solid ground he could find.. The wind was generating hundreds if not thousands of pounds of lift, as illustrated by the lifting up of the people trying to hold down the center posts. Woody was trying to figure out how to hang on to his pole and pee at the same time [without letting go of the (tent) pole].. It was getting touchy there for awhile, but once michael significantly lengthened the angle of the tie downs, the structure became much more stable. It held, although a number of the roof pieces have been permanently bowed from the stress..

As things were calming down, i wondered what happened to the 3 loaves of bread that were supposed to be finishing right around the middle of the storm.. Heading up to the RV, i found my sweetie had taken charge in the kitchen!! (ok, those of you who know ellenB, quit laughing so hard, she HAS been in the kitchen before, really, no, REALLY!! she'll be glad to tell you herself... REALLY!!!!!).. Anyway, ellen had gone up to the RV during the storm, and had gotten the bread out of the bread machines when they were done, and brought them into the RV..


P.S.  hi honey.. i'll see you later at the tent... i'll be the one running for my life.. <ggg>

Rain and communal/survival activity like tonight brings out the best in kerr-people.. For those of you who weren't here, you can alternatively feel glad you weren't here, and sorry you missed all the fun..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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