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K'ville 2003 - Day 14


Wednesday night's lightly attended (50%) threadgill show had Steve Gillette replacing Steve Seskin on the bill, and Melissa Javors finishing up the night.. Both were comfortable enjoyable performances.. Noteworthy in steve's set were mike williams, melissa and a number of others sitting in. Steve's requirements for the set were: No capos, no electric pickups, all acoustic. He said the first 6 people he asked, turned him down!!

It was a comfortable night with campfires all over.. Nashville was going (albeit a little low-key), singkerrnicity had a small circle, coho was prime listening territory for a good part of the evening. Sonia's on the ranch tonight. Up at the main bathrooms, chris chandler, still on the hill, and a number of others were providing the entertainment to around 100..

We had a late night circle at Camp Jews don't Camp with andigibson,danaswift, and jeaneefromKansas; Camp Tranquilo had a bunch of people sittin' round til all hours and finally, Bob and Leslie were feeling no pain as they navigated the voyage between coho, and their tent..

Around 4AM, the rains came... much less wind than the night before, but much more rain... Even with good protection, the wetness starts to seep in.. Need to pay more attention to keeping things off the walls to keep the capillary action down.. Morning revealed lots of gully from rain run-off..

Ramblings I Kerrfergot

For those of you who haven't heard EllenB's full repoirtoire, the reference to "The Gimme Gimme Lady" has to do with the song about her kids: "Gimme Gimme". Rumors that is has anything to do with any decreased libido from menopause (NOT!) are entirely untrue..

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