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K'ville 2003 - Day 15


Thursday's Threadgill show was pretty full (about 90%), with a large overflow crowd to the right... I had baking duties, and missed the first set, but Emily Kaitz had em laugin' throughout the second set.

Don Porterfield and Billy Jonas are on the ranch.. Lots of old familiar faces arriving for the last weekend..

most campfires broke pretty early, with the exception of Camp Tranquilo, which had jack hardy holding down the fort real late with Tim Mason and company slicing up a big warm, freshly cooked brisket, so we did some brisket and bread at 3 AM or so..

I finally met up with RitaFajita form Kansas City and her friends.. It's good to finally be able to out a face with a name.. The only surprise was how much prettier she is in person than in her emails.. <ggg>

The nightly downpour arrived later that morning (4:30 AM would be my guess).. high winds along with some rain, but all in all, just a nice finishing touch on the night... It left the rest of the night and the morning nice and cool.

The sceptre of the end of the festival has started to touch the ranch... It's something most of us try to avoid until the last minute.. Don't want to go there now.. not yet..

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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