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K'ville 2003 - Day 16


Had to pick up our new wristbands over at the office.. They only issue backstage bands 1 week at a time..

The ballad tree on this last friday was led by Kevin So. He introduced everyone as "from New York".. Lots of good stuff.. Friday ballad tree's are easier to get all around the list of players than saturday and sunday. EllenB did her Real Woman song (very well received).

The last weekend picked up steam friday night with a full schedule for mainstage. Acts i caught were Bob Franke (his usual excellence), Sonia, appearing for the first time at Kerville, with her sister joining her for the last half of her set. She finished up with the Phil Ochs tune "Is there Anybody Here".. She also performed "Me Too" a very moving piece. Trout Fishing In America were absolutely wonderful, They included 2 songs in their set that were written by kids at their kids workshops they do throught the country/year. and Peter Rowan Reggaebilly finished up the night..

As the festival nears it's close, we begin spending more time back near the food booths, spending time with old friends and new kerr-faces.

After mainstage, we went back to the RV, took out the 3 loaves that just finished, and prepared 3 loaves to finish at 10:30AM.

Campfires tonight seemed to be somewhat muted.. People are starting to deal with the end of the festival.. We sent TPR and carrie on their way in the middle of the night with a fresh loaf to see them through their journey..

There was a big fire dance circle tonight between the kerrty store and threadgill.. Camp Calm had a nice circle going.. Camp stupid was as stupid is.. Tranquilo had a gathering, but not much music.. They were probably gorged from Gibby's DELICIOUS (absolutely delicious) ribs... The best ribs i ate here this year.. They were THAT good!!..

With the virtual entire lower meadow quiet, Eric Folkerth and Todd _____ stopped by camp jews don't camp and traded tunes and stories with EllenB until about 5AM.. They, along with many others this year, have commented about how nice and inviting our campsite is. The simple explanations for this is: Ellen spends the first week of the festival continuously feng-shuing the campsite, then i spend the next week kerr-shuing the feng-shui. The end result has been well received..

I enjoyed the first half of the songcircle from my chair, and the second half from the bed.. It's hard to describe the joy and peacefullness one gets from sliding off to sleep while live music is drifting in..

EllenB set the alarm clock for 10AM, as we're running the houseconcert seminar at 11AM at mainstage.

Reality beckons..

I ignore her for now, and drift off to sleep..

One more night left...

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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