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K'ville 2003 - Day 17/18 and the Voyage back to the real world


Ouch.. I hated even typing that subject...

We spent saturday morning from 11 - 1 moderating the houseconcert seminar in the mainstage area. Despite being left out of the big program, and only mentioned by Dalis a couple of times friday evening, we had a turnout of about 20 people, mixed between veteran houseconcert givers, houseconert newbies and houseconcert wannabees.

EllenB & I spent most of the rest of Saturday breaking down the campsite, Drying out the tarps and groundcloths, giving away leftover foodstuffs, lending one of our breadmachines to rod and fran to use during the summer, organizing & packing up everything for storage, making the myriad of trips to the storage area. YEEECCCHHH.. the worst time of the festival is getting ready to leave... lots of reflections and thoughts requiring much meditation to stay centered..

Unfortunately, the best time of the day to pack up is when the sun starts to go down, meaning you'll miss most of the first half of the evening at mainstage. When we finally got to mainstage, we spent most of the rest of the night buying t-shirts and gifts for our florida family, and visiting with our kerr-family at the back of the mainstage area. We got our karma kards from maverick (got some research to do there).

It's always weird leaving the ranch. This year moreso, because we were leaving on day 18 instead of day 19. One advantage though: we were not on the ranch for day 18, which is such a difficult day, as EVERYONE is starting to breakdown their campsites..

Our journey home, thru inspections, detections, and all sorts of (airport) pOlice stuff (thank you arlo), was relatively mundane.. the only excitement was when i noticed I WAS MISSING MY KEYS!!! Mentally backtracking, we narrowed it down to the keys probably being in the lock at the storage facility.. A quick call before we took off from san antonio to john at the kerr-office, relaying a message to boB tower, who we share our storage area with. boB took a run over to storage, and sure enough, there were the keys, in the lock, next to the completely open storage door... duh... well, the brain is not supposed to be functioning at this point anyway.. Thanks bob for the save..

Now back in florida... (i tried typing "now back home", but it still doesn't feel right)

I feel disoriented as i make my journey from communal back to the insular world in which we live. (or exist, as the case may be) Old synapses need to be reactivated.. How do you work this TV remote control ?? What did we used to set the air conditioner at ?? you mean we have enough hot water for a LONG shower ?? What's this handle do ?? Oh, it flushes !!! Why is the bed not on the floor ?? Where's the towel i used for the last 3 days ?? i'm not done with it yet!!

So many questions...

So many unsatisfactory answers..

We went to a local houseconcert last night after getting off the plane.. We caught the second set from Rod MacDonald, a true troubador.. It made the transition to florida easier.. lots of friends, lots of hugs..

It's 2AM now, and i can't walk over to camp tranquilo to give them some bread.. There's no sounds of music coming from Camp Coho running around my head..

and jack hardy is not walking up the hill to visit his lawyer..

and i just finished off the last piece of bread that was baked on the ranch.. We brought 1 loaf home, & it sustained us through the journey..

That's what i don't have..

What I DO have:

  • My wristband still on my wrist...
  • My new kerville t-shirt on my back..
  • My honey in the next room..
  • My head still seeing images from the past 3 weeks..
  • A peacefullness in my heart and head, left from spending 3 weeks with a wondorous group of people.
  • Lots of stories, hugs and music to share with our florida family.

I will do my best over the next x days/weeks to keep this feeling in my heart and head..

This from a piece I wrote last century:

  • Keep the festival with you for as long as you can; be it an hour, day or week..
  • Continue to wear your arm band as long as the spirit remains.
  • Get up in the morning, close your eyes, spread your wings, and gather back the energy from the festival that dissipated during the night.
  • Scrape it back off the walls and ceilings and into your body.
  • Then, make sure you share that energy with as many people as you can while it's still there.. Hugs will do... Big, long ones...
  • Remember, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the energy...

Bread's comin' out of the oven right now... gotta get to the ranch...

peace & love

Brian (Breadman) Wolfsohn       
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